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October 05, 2019

- wig recommendation

The wig has become a must-have item for many fashionable women to dress up. Just wear it and you can change the original hairstyle immediately, without damaging the hair, so that you can show yourself every day with a variety of fashion styles. What kind of face and body shape is suitable for the hair style, as well as the matching of skin color and hair color, are closely related to choosing a wig suitable for you. In order to achieve the perfect shape, more and more customers are looking for the help of professional stylists who have deep hair style matching principles, and create a variety of styles suitable for them in the hair salon.

Introduction of the business wig:

The introduction of quality and comfort is essential when recommending wigs for customers. In the wide variety of similar products on the market, the quality can be roughly divided into human hair, man-made fiber, animal hair . The Meng Wei Shi wig series operated by the Image Design Center includes full wigs, half wigs and accessories. Among them, the high-quality real-life wig made of imported top-grade Kani Karon hair has the characteristics of smooth hand feeling, high simulation, easy combing, no fading after cleaning, plus good comfort and breathability of the net material, and customers are obtained. Consistent favor.

Customer One: As a part-time singer, it is often necessary to change different hair styles to cater to the atmosphere of the concert. I have always loved the long wave of big waves, and I hope I can try it in other styles and colors.

Step1 face type determination

The chin has a pointed, rectangular face with a wide forehead and prominent edges. Due to the deep eyes and the cheekbones on the cheeks of the face, when choosing a hairstyle, you can choose a long hair with a large wave, and use the wavy lines to cover the edges and corners that are too prominent, so that the face looks softer.

Step2 and skin color match

With a yellowish complexion of oriental traits, hair color should generally be medium brown or dark brown, but because of the needs of the working environment, the fashion avant-garde gold system can also be boldly selected.

The yellow color can make the skin tone look whiter, but not too light, too light hair color will have an unhealthy feeling.

Analysis of Step3 body type

The shape of the tall and well-proportioned body is suitable for medium and long hair. Fresh and smooth straight hair in summer is also a good choice. The straight hair on both sides hangs down the cheeks, adorns the face and masks the slightly angular face.

A long square face, a middle or a partial oblique sea is a taboo, otherwise it will only increase the length of the face.

Customer 2: Because of the work in government agencies, I have always maintained a slightly mature long curly hair style. The tedious hair style is always annoying. I usually want to try fashion short hair and when I am with my family and friends. Lighter hair color, do not know if there will be unexpected effects?

Step1 face type determination

The forehead is wide and the chin is sharp. It is a standard inverted triangle face. Because the forehead is wider and the lower court is shorter, the expansion of the lower court and the contraction of the court should be emphasized in the face modification. The straight-button straight hair will give a young feeling and make up for the shortcomings of the lower jaw. With a partial bangs covering a slightly wider forehead, the overall feeling will be very harmonious.

Step2 and skin color match

Pure natural skin tone, looks healthy and shiny, there is a lot of room for choice of hair color, such as yellow, brown red, wine red, deep purple, deep coffee, etc. are very suitable.

Step3 body shape analysis

The pure and elegant medium-length hair and short-cut hair are more suitable for the petite and exquisite figure. However, due to the short mandible, the short hair will fully expose its shortcomings and can only say goodbye to this popular BOBO hairstyle.

The temptation of a wig

You will admire the ever-changing style of the stars. Today, you will be interviewed at the airport or casual bob. The announcement of tomorrow’s release is already a long-haired shawl. Don’t think that it is a star that has magical power. Don’t think that it’s a star that can be free. Hair is repeatedly tortured, in fact, they all rely on the power of the wig. Many of the European beauty stars are wigs, and Asian stars are increasingly using wigs to change themselves. You are not a star, but you can also have a star effect.

Maibo's hairdressing team launched a hand-trimmed wig in early 2010, which puts a high-quality wig on the model or guest's head and trims it on the spot. It not only caters to the fashion trend, but also makes the wig not just a product on the assembly line. It belongs to you. Your own, the most suitable for your face and temperament, unique "top fashion."

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