2012 Mira Bear House Tour Taiwan

October 04, 2019

July 20, 2012, after three months of careful preparation, Mira Bear Children's Wear will host the 2012 Mira World Tour in Taiwan, by then, all members of the Mira House will have a total of more than 100 people will go to Taiwan together Feel the customs and habits of the island. Mira bear children's clothing, the rapid development of children's wear in the industry lead the fashion and trends. In the market to product-centric, professional to create the most intimate partner for children, a few years, the Mira bear has become the leader in fashion children's clothing. By consumers unanimously approved and favored, to become beyond the top ten brands of children's clothing. 24 hours joining hotline, QQ277793977. Recently, Mira Bear Children's Wear held a variety of promotional activities to attract new customers and give back customers. During the visit, we saw Mira Star Xiamen SM shop, Mira bear Xinglin shop, Mira bear Haicang shop, Mira bear Tongan shop, Mira bear Pucheng shop, Mira bear Shenyang Tianrun Plaza shop, Mira Pu Guangzhou Huangpu District Huirun Square store, Miral bear Beijing branch, Mirabel Hubei branch, Mulaxiong Hunan branch, Mulaxiong Zhejiang branch, Mulaxiong Henan branch, Miracorum Chongqing branch, Mirador Bear Sichuan Chengdu Branch, Mira Bear Anhui Branch, Mira Branch Jiangxi Branch, Mira Bear Inner Mongolia Erdos Branch, Mira Bear Shandong Store, Mira Branch Yunnan Branch Processes simultaneously, purchase Mira Bear Children's Wear and enjoy membership Price or discount discount. "Mira bear" is a set of independent development and design, professional production and sales of children's clothing brand. "Mira Bear" has a first-rate children's wear design center, bringing together the young and experienced design and development elite, regular visits to foreign countries in batches, keen to capture market information, always grasp the pulse of the market, to create casual and stylish personalized Children's wear. Design and development of products to Japan and South Korea as a popular element, combined with the characteristics of children in the East, the new style, style and more closely meet the market demand and fashion trends, products in short supply in the market. Mira bear children's clothing, is now hot throughout the country, we invite you to join. Hands together Mira bear, create a brilliant future! Company Address: Xiamen Tongan District Meixi Siming Industrial Park, 31 Mira Street Building, 8th Floor Office Tel: 0592 -7116288 Contact: Manager Yan QQ: Website:

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