Acne Fashion 2013 new spring and summer show simple atmosphere

October 12, 2019

Acne 2013 spring and summer men's collection on June 30 local time, spring and summer 2013 Paris Men's Week release. Jeanswear has been a seed-type product that Acne has focused on, but in recent years Jonny Johansson has taken the brand's selling point to another track. "Acne has never been positioned as a single denim brand," says Johansson. "In addition, we are afraid of showing the denim in a different state and losing the core of the brand." The spring / summer 2013 show Cowboy Look, with the theme of "Going Home," coveralls have been a uniquely inspired derivative of the costume design, and jeans are the most representative of the overalls, "Johansson explains. The classic denim jacket with the original denim vest with a broad structure outline, some models vest car line off rough processing, should be clear and easy to show spring and summer with the pace, but the design director Jonny Johansson so that the whole series immersed in Gray, blue, chestnut tones, it is quiet and understated; striped handle, not only in the corner of the suit inlaid with extravagance of the gold, but also the use of this metal element in the shoes, highlighting the characteristics of resistance to damage. As for the large striped T-shirt, striped satin and matching pants, are trying to do in the version of loose. This show, denim jackets, vests, coats, trousers, became the single item in this season's Men's Acne Weapon. Sleek minimalist blouse and matching pants, stitching leather and deerskin fabric looming exposed tattoos on the arm model. In the past few quarters, credit spending has steadily increased Acne's confidence. A bit curious about the consumer system, the design of the product is not forced to be compressed into the most simplified. Perhaps, this return of Acne can be understood as a design and the concept of the future creation of a neutralization, its effect is self-evident.

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