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October 26, 2019

ARMANI (Italy) - Italian gentleman Armani (elegant master Giorgio Armani) established his own brand in 1973. The style of this Italian brand is rarely related to fashion. In fact, they have some reasonably understandable changes each season. Because the designer Armani believe that the quality of clothing even more than the style update. Armani's men's clothing is not formal, sense of writing, into the United States on campus Casual and casual wear, and fabric and color follow the Italian tradition of subtle exquisite. Different degrees of lightness, grayscale colorless series so that people can sigh it can change out of infinite gray means the ability. ARMANI official website: http:// ● AMURS (France) - romantic gentleman in Paris, France AMURS love Muse clothing, can be described as the embodiment of the Muse goddess. After the introduction of China, on the premise of fully taking into account the characteristics of the Chinese people, the selection of the world's top brands of several major brands, the Italian teacher design and work with the Italian famous Seiko secret agents, drip reflects the AMURS (Muse) costumes sophisticated . AMURS (Love Muse) clothing each piece is a work of art, have been well-educated teachers, lines, styles are exudes a rich artistic atmosphere. More and more high-paying Chinese esteem respectable freehand style, comfortable living philosophy and matching clothing style, then AMURS (Love Muse) clothing has been fully demonstrated. In the "advocating the natural" design style under the guidance of high-grade cotton, linen, silk, wool and AMURS (Muse) brand developed by the "natural fabrics" consisting of business and leisure series, even more highlights AMUURS ( Love Muse) brand's unique personality. AMURS official website: http:// ● BURBERRY (UK) - pure British brand originated in the tarpaulin BURBERRY's history can be traced back to the 16th century, 1909, BURBERRY identified a unified trademark: the shield symbolizes "Protection"; the "Porsum" on the flag held by a warrior is Latin, which means going forward. BURBERRY has been a more useful brand until in the late Victorian and early Edwardian days, producing specialized water suits and safaris for almost all outdoor sports. Later, the successful transformation of the brand into a fashion brand, with a rich Scottish style plaid registered trademark in 1924, became synonymous. BURBERRY official website: http: // ● Calvin Klein (United States) - minimalist casual American style The founder of the brand CalvinKlein is a minimalist pioneer, advocate Lessismore (less is more). His men's clothing with the traditional contrary to the men's clothing, and more use of the most advanced technology production of ultra-light synthetic fiber fabrics, even soft and supple, hanging strong women's clothing. Style suit longer, waist tighten, shoulder width but gentle, with no other interesting straight jeans and so on. Calvin Klein official website: http:// ● CERRUTI (Italy) - post-war Italian men's model CERRUTI formerly known as Cerruti1881 (Cerruti, the master of addicted to superstars), combines the founders family name and the founding year. Originally from exquisite, high-quality fabrics, it has now become a famous brand in the Italian men's clothing industry. It is characterized by its rigor, its flowing lines and its comfortable vision and wearing feel. CERRUTI official website: http:// ● AMURS * ACTIVE (Paris) - Young successful young people preferred young success, I believe everyone AMURS * ACTIVE (love Muse * Astra) the name is not Will be unfamiliar. AMURS * ACTIVE (A Muse * Astra) is set off the global fashion whirlwind of the French fashion first big, high-style, high quality and ultra-fresh style, a new indicator of new fashion in the world. AMURS * ACTIVE design fashion trend, but not too much publicity, highlighting the young successful generation of self-confidence, vitality, and full of mission and passion, the pursuit of high-quality, high-taste positioning needs, by the fashion Young people's favorite. Is the most popular fashion brand today young people. I type (line), my Astra! Astra official website: http:// ● GUCCI (Italy) - a symbol of status and wealth This 80 years has been to produce high-end luxury products and famous brand, especially in the past three or four decades, Has always been a hot pursuit of high society consumption. Gucci (the neo-modernist Gucci) encourages men to wear leather because it gives men's leather and other men new life with neutrality: a soft, leather-like jacket that looks like a regular jacket; a tight-fitting design emphasizes men Masculine body size, detail is to abandon trivial minimalism, showing a modern Yuppie style. GUCCI official website: http:// ● DOLCE & GABBANA (Italy) - Southern Mediterranean romantic enthusiasm Perhaps its second-tier brand D & G is even more known to many young people. DOLCE & GABBANA launched menswear in January 1990, but with its unique passion, romance and sensuality, it quickly became popular in the stereotyped men's world. Tough rugged lines, earthy colors, matching black with scarlet, neck print with logo print scarf and leather jacket, a male Sicily island in southern Italy. DOLCE & GABBANA official website: http:// ● GIVENCHY (France) - respect elegant elegance Audrey Hepburn I do not know how many men in the world dream angel. Givenchy is the man behind her, the image designer for more than 40 years. The Givenchy I appeared in any occasion when refined and decent style decent appearance, known as the "fashion gentleman." In 1973, Givenchy officially launched menswear. His men's clothing is almost his incarnation --- simple, fresh, thoughtful, decent, rigid and meritorious. GIVENCHY official website: http:// ● HUGOBOSS (Germany) - German masculine rigorous coincidence is a very interesting coincidence: in various parts of the world, has a prominent status of senior executives or business leaders in the formal Or semi-regular occasions always see this brand. Perhaps this is the original intention of the founder. German-style rigor is reflected in this brand of men's body - double row or three rows of New Zealand suit, the front piece of pleated trousers, the width changes but never serious shoulder, the shirt is very wide . Pass the full masculine image. HUGOBOSS official website: http://

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