Romantic season underwear autumn and winter new conference

October 25, 2019

After entering the July , the romance season presents a busy state, the company from top to bottom is in full swing to organize the " Romantic Season • 2012 autumn and winter new conference", the new conference, will be an important milestone in the company 's history , the company 's Development strategy and romantic season to enhance the brand image is of great significance.

Romantic season 2012 autumn and winter new conference is expected to be held in mid- September , time is tight, demanding, heavy task. In order to fulfill the tasks efficiently and on time, the preparatory work management office, conference center group, conference safeguard group, new product recommendation group, product ordering group, promotion management group, investment management group, conference publicity group and venue Jingxiu Group were set up during the romantic season . All groups have entered the preparatory state of the conference in an all-round way and carried out various tasks in an efficient and orderly manner.


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