The One brand women Chengdu Auchan Super Mall two new upgrade

November 07, 2019

May 2012 The One brand women's first successful settled in Chengdu Auchan Super Mall, then The One Chengdu Auchan Super Mall two stores opened successfully, in order to further enhance the store image, to give consumers a better shopping experience, The One Chengdu Auchan Supermarket II store image design, the new image store will be upgraded on September 10 grand opening! After upgrading the store a new look, more beautiful and comfortable. Will welcome consumers to buy!

The One

The One women's store image

The One attitude: Always adhere to the concept of healthy vitality, with natural elements, comfortable fabrics, thoughtful wearing touch, a variety of combinations for the 25-year-old mentality of women to pass embrace nature, enjoy the fashion of young life attitude and the price Beautiful shopping pleasure.

The One品牌女装成都欧尚超级购物中心二店全新升级

The One Women's Fall 2012 new

The One attitude has three styles of clothing line to meet the different needs of fashion women in different occasions dress code: elegant ladies series, so that young women full of confidence at work; refreshing sweet leisure series, just like the next girl close ; Handsome casual personality series, so you keep up the pace of fashion, add vitality.

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Mat With Animal Pattern

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