A / E2012 autumn and winter fashion color inventory

November 16, 2019

This year's color tips are by no means conservative in using these primary colors on a single item or in a low-key print, but emphasizing large areas! No matter how many pieces of body take a single product, regardless of the fabric is a single product, all with a color is the most high-end most daring is the most trendy use! If it is more extreme, it is like Blumarine (blue lover) and the Lenno Fashion AE-APPAREL & EDIT brand as a fur are all dyed in the same color! The weight of fur, this means of highlighting the color is absolutely shocking.

Even the fashion A / E brand women's clothing is one of the few well-known fashion brands in Shenzhen, the pursuit of a lifestyle and living conditions of contemporary demand. Expect to bring the casual with casual, detached clothing fashion sense, but also committed to bring the new transformation and rebirth of the wearer ... Now Leno AE-APPAREL & EDIT brand women have achieved outstanding performance, won the majority Ladies franchisee hot pursuit, access to a high degree of end-user recognition.

Then let us carefully taste AE-APPAREL & EDIT 2012 autumn and winter brought us what color highlights ...



(AE 2012 autumn and winter new image)


Autumn and winter 2012 plant color and wax color in the spring and summer of 2013 become bright. Lemon yellow, yellow and sunset yellow appear with a fluorescent color. Autumn Winter 2013 will be bright and vibrant with warm sunflower, golden and metallic colors.

Yellow is the color of the sun, is it only reasonable that the sun and the beach that appear in midsummer? The snowy winter day needs the warmth of the sun more than ever! So rare in the autumn and winter bright yellow color is widely used by designers this season. AE-APPAREL & EDIT2012 new autumn and winter also rushed with rhythm of yellow.


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From the focus of stella McCartney and Miu Miu in the Fall / Winter 2012 to one of the colors most appearing in the early spring 2013 holiday collection, we can speculate that Brilliant Blue in recent quarters Will maintain its fiery popularity. We are in more and more fashion street shooting also see the tide of Europe and the United States outstanding demonstration, the saturation of blue in the streets to bring sparkling eye effect can be no better than the red, fluorescent color Oh. Blue is not to pick the season, do not pick the color of the skin, the visual can bring you the feeling of quiet and elegant, almost every season there will be designers to the blue as a new series of main colors. AE-APPAREL & EDIT2012 autumn and winter, of course, is not listed.


(AE 2012 autumn and winter new image)


How can the darkness be darkened in a season full of saturation and lightness? One hundred percent is red is king! Is the color of China! Is to celebrate the color of the festival!
AE-APPAREL & EDIT2012 fall and winter of the strong earth tones and nude series in the spring and summer of 2013 to change the pace, dark red, add a calm sense of color. Full color to the winter brought a warm feeling.


(AE 2012 autumn and winter new image)

Red wine--

Finally there is a color is willing to calm down, wine, although the brightness is not high, easy to match, but the total fashion did not find a good atmosphere to show their style. In 2012, burgundy just found its own stage in a rigorous season that emphasizes vintage elegance! In the AE-APPAREL & EDIT2012 autumn and winter wear a burgundy dress, we feel the culture of the European aristocracy palace cushion it?

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