Neptune brand men fashion Chinese garment industry trendsetter

November 09, 2019

Neptune Garment Co., Ltd. is a modern brand management company devoted to the professional R & D, design, production and marketing of menswear, bags, bags, shoes, accessories and accessories. It owns the international background and financial strength of the United States and Taiwan. As a brand operating company, "Neptune is determined to be the first choice of China's garment and fashion industry and introduced" Neptune ", a design style with Italian fashion culture, to China to enable Chinese consumers to enjoy fashion trends from Europe and the United States simultaneously. Fashion brand to create fashion giant in China, "Neptune" in 2008 in Guangzhou, China headquarters incorporated in the United States, Taiwan's advanced management concepts based on the combination and adaptation of localization management, "Neptune" formally set foot in the Chinese fashion market. Design style positioning accuracy, every quarter, each style are popular in Europe and the United States at the forefront of synchronization, in order to create a more suitable for China's fashion market style, management, research and strengthen market research, analysis of customer base to adjust market strategy, but also the network Management, promotion. We have domestic and foreign advanced, fashion, popular surface, accessories suppliers and quality system. Brand management, we have a sound market development, franchising agents, operations management, logistics and distribution, branding, Image maintenance. Cooperate with "Neptune" in Chinese fashion Market development strategy, promised to be unique in China's men's fashion clothing. "Neptune" will be carefully managed to high-quality products and advanced services, modern marketing philosophy to join agents "to create a low-risk, high-profit Investment environment. "Fashionable products, international management, and generous feedback is our guarantee. Join agent" Neptune "men's fashion clothing, work together to create a win-win situation.

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