The One brand women's Changsha store in Hunan will be grand opening August 25

November 04, 2019

The One brand women's store in Changsha, Hunan will be grand opening August 25! Welcome to the vast number of consumers come to visit! The One Women will let you enjoy the stylish young life attitude and the beauty of the price more beautiful shopping fun.

The One

The One attitude has three styles of clothing line to meet the different needs of fashion women in different occasions dress code: elegant ladies series, so that young women full of confidence at work; refreshing sweet leisure series, just like the next girl close ; Handsome casual personality series, so you keep up the pace of fashion, add vitality.

The  One 品牌女装湖南长沙专卖店将于8月25隆重开业

design concept

The One attitude products with pure feminine temperament, reflected in ubiquitous details, advocating the natural tone and gorgeous colors in the balance of the impact; human tailoring, comfortable and fit the materials cut together, in simple and meticulous, extraction Harmonious rhythm, so that every one of the goods are exudes a strong trait and affinity.

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