Looking for children really Anna Nai 2013 spring and summer new release

November 01, 2019

Childhood is the happiest time in life, innocence, children that simple, quiet, worry-free, happy mood, in the increasingly noisy city life, it is particularly valuable. Now, where should we go looking for it? On August 5, Anei children packed in Shenzhen Qushui Shan Hotel held a "spring" new product release conference with the theme of "Seeking", with a unique and dynamic show, full of joy, Elegant design, for the audience to find back the peace and tranquility childhood, for children to create a most comfortable, most pure childhood imprint! "Fun", Looking for the joy of childhood Cute rabbit driving a toy car opened a natural adventure, happy children in groups of five or five playing in the sand on the beach, a child back to nature Interesting figure vividly, people do not consciously recall childhood simple pure happiness - the joy of childhood is that a beloved toy car, carrying our dreams toward the future; the joy of childhood is the boundless beach, painting The fresh and wonderful world in our eyes. - An Naier 2013 spring and summer new conference static exhibition, sophisticated and clever design so that we easily forget the secular bustle, to recover the lost peace and childlike. In the layout of the booth, Anai Er to "green" and "comfortable" brand philosophy to play most vividly, not only the use of environmentally friendly recyclable honeycomb paper to build a park paradise, but also to create a soft fabric stars, the moon And other modeling, pure rabbit shuttle between the fluorescent tubes on behalf of the cotton, not only expressed the concept of environmental protection and comfort Anner children, but also reflects the Anai Er children more than 10 years of fabric technology ingenuity, to bring "not the same Comfortable. " "Meng" to restore peace of mind at ten o'clock, Aner 2013 spring and summer children's clothing new conference in the melodious music kicked off. With elegant and elegant, simple and exquisite model boarded the T station, the innocent and innocent smile of the children instantly touched the hearts of all the people in the scene, especially the innocence of the little boys "step", but also let Live filled with delight laughter. This season's new Anelier children include "Greenwood Trolltech", "urban painting", "retro impression" three series. "Green Lynx Trolltech" series inspired by the forest's elves, using sub-pear green, grass green, dark green leaves, peacock blue, Su Li Huang and other natural colors, colors look fresh and soft. Put on it, just like wandering in the forest, with curiosity to explore the tall trees, dormant animals and ancient mysterious elves and monsters, the whole body filled with unlimited youthful vitality. "Urban Painting" series selected ballet powder, eggshell powder, light gray blue, earth lime and other more deep natural colors, as well as the same soft and calm earth color, just as the horse in front of us painted brushes outside the rain window Eaves, familiar parallels with friends ... Romantic little florals, lovely house flowers, and sophisticated star patterns map the worry-free childhood of the city. "Vintage Impression" series freeze inspiration in the old days, rose violet, violet, Jicca orange, black mold purple deduced a nostalgic style, it is like the childhood corner where the corner has been fading but still put it down the toy car, the upper foot Clockwork can still hobble forward soldier, caught in the book unknown flowers ... ... one by one emerge, tell the story of growth. At this time, only to find that the joy of childhood is so simple, weekdays around the lingering noise at this time quietly away, the soul returned to that quiet childhood that afternoon, that touch of pure smile from the heart. Aner children's series to the audience brought a new experience. Just learned to walk the "Meng" children are biting their fingers and looking around, and some holding the rabbit doll leisurely walked up, and some forget to walk early just play ... let the children enjoy the unfettered childhood, let the children Return to naive simplicity of nature, this is Annai Er's purpose. Therefore, the children's series in the layout design as simple and comfortable to facilitate the functional design to meet the children's curious and dynamic personality. This season Aner new children, capture the natural colors and elements of soft, add different levels of gray such as pigeon ash, tile gray, in the gray, etc., quiet colors and patterns for children to add a quiet and elegant , Just as the children's heart - quiet and pure. "Soft" to give childhood the most natural care "not the same comfort" is Anai Er never stop the pursuit. Allianz has not only focused on high quality fabrics, accessories selection, but also tirelessly committed to the clothing of every detail of the improvement process. 2013 Anner children's spring and summer children's wear, dedicated to "light, soft, compact" to interpret the comfort of children's clothing, every piece of clothing, are looking forward to bring their children full of care and love. Reporters at the venue to see, Aner children spring and summer 2013 new color is not very bright, but the use of more natural colors, gray pigeon, lake blue and other natural colors appear, so the whole season clothing color is very natural and elegant; clothes Rarely see a large area of ​​printing, logo and other designs are deliberately reduced and design, the industry's common glue process is water slurry, slurry and other technology to replace, even if the printing site, but also very soft, breathable; Cloth, buttons, waist and collar and other details of the clothing pay more attention to reasonable collocation, superior comfort in the past. According to Anai Er staff members, since the autumn and winter 2012 started developing children's products, the company has more awareness of children's comfort and higher requirements. Children's clothes, beautiful style at the same time, more to take into account the characteristics of children's skin, emphasizing the comfort of wearing, taking into account the characteristics of children sweat in spring and summer, the thin, soft, compact interpretation will become The most important requirements of this season's clothing. "Once upon a time, our city becomes so noisy people overwhelmed. Annie child "seek" 2013 spring and summer new conference to children's clothing as a reminder of our simple childhood to recover, to return to nature, low-key streamlined version and environmentally friendly natural fabrics, from inside to outside a new interpretation of the elegant And innocence, pure and innocent childhood children's life provides the best care and companionship.

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