Song Liya women love their love of natural love of life

June 05, 2019

Gloria , always in her curiosity about the world and one unknown after her birth in 1995, In the global journey of more than 10 years, discover, explore, pick, the trend of integration with local culture, creation of stylish and stylish women's clothing. We bravely explore, good at discovery, willing to share, while praising the beauty of the world, but also to travel as a bridge, clothing as a carrier, to convey our happy, healthy and positive brand culture.


Gleaming watches, walks, senses, discovers, finds itself in the world's greatness, and thus becomes more aware of the position and value of self - learning and ascension through travel, and increasing knowledge It is the attitude that Goliath advocates and has been practicing. In the Gloria world of fashion, flowers, 225 concept clubs, all come from watching the world and discover the beautiful process, hoping to share one after another travel stories to make every one love themselves, love nature, love life Of females, to experience the more stylish, happier and more authentic life experience of Goliath, a brand with international vision.