Satchi business men: breaking the classic curse can not easily fashion

June 09, 2019

In China, there are few business men who do not know "Sachi International," which originated from the pursuit of the Schach family in China in the early 1980s. The face of high-end men's clothing is accused of "public face", Sachi International "initiative young", take the lead in breaking out, this was once questioned by peers: the classic is not easy fashion. Although as the main force of new business groups gradually become a "post-70" and "80", many veteran men still use the product positioning 10 years ago. These "sold-for-nothing" brands believe that existing consumers have become interdependent and that these consumers have built trust in the brand and brands are reluctant to give up on the group, which makes these brands as their consumer base As the age grows "getting older". At the just-concluded ordering session, the young and trendy Satchi International was unanimously sought after by dealers. The order volume was up 50% over the same period. The voice from the market completely drowned the voices of previous doubts and caused a great stir in the industry.