Have you learned the trick of selling your heart?

June 04, 2019

[China Glass Network] The Japanese use a very simple formula to describe a typical US marketing plan: Are you ready? Aim! Launch!

Obviously this is the marketing formula of the Gomez brothers. They actually only need a few simple questions: What am I selling? How can I create a demand for this kind of product? Who do I sell to them? What do you really want? But the Gomez brothers did not ask any questions and they came in and started to sell around. Imagine if they asked for these questions and then proposed the results, what would be the difference?

Are they selling a shopping center? No. Is it a job offer and a post-tax surplus? One thing. Selling what others want? That's it.

This kind of marketing is to let customers know that they are qualified to enjoy this product. This is the salesman's dream. This is also the way, you can promote products that are not really high value but can represent status.

Don't think that I'm only talking about expensive cars or jewellery. These prices are insignificant compared to really expensive big deals – real estate development plans, or chain baseball teams. You must not explain it with economic benefits. Why do people spend so much money to buy conspicuous consumption of expensive crowns and gems? How do you help the "self" and the distinctive unique price tag?

This is the technique used by General Motors to attract state people to invest.

If you are a Gomez brother, how do you create the same needs?

First of all, you should not come out and hide in your mysterious Golden Cave home in Canada. Don't rely on the previous explanation plan. General Motors' big bosses won't go to the country to sell their factory plans. They just want to announce the location of the factory in Detroit, and the state governments naturally flock. He understands that he wants to create an atmosphere that allows customers to come to the door automatically, and then he only needs to be a referee and declare who is qualified to let GM set up the factory.

Why are businessmen who are so savvy like the Gomez brothers not aware of this before the action? Why do they have to hold a 20-dollar bill to shake a group of people who don’t trust them, saying that they should use Yuan 20 for 1 yuan?

There is only one reason, they think that as long as the governor supports this plan is enough.

Big mistakes.

They forgot to ask the other two questions: Who are my real customers? What do they really need?

They only answered half of them. The politicians are indeed their end customers. They have the power to decide whether to make a deal. As long as you get through this level, other natures are easy to solve, like how much money per ping, how much advertising costs, and so on. But to talk about politicians, you need to know a lieutenant. The Gomez brothers only rushed to take the politician's hand stamp, and presided over the opening ceremony of the camera, but forgot the real needs of politicians. They have their own customers - voters, and they worry about whether they really provide what the voters really need? So, the voters will vote for themselves next time. This is the next step I will teach you.

Understanding customers is as important as understanding products

Take politicians as an example. They will accept your proposal. The condition must be that this will win many votes, or have other special benefits.

This is not to say that politicians are not honest or unreliable than us, but they must always look at the face of voters when they want to lead the people. Legislators who are farther away from voters, such as Washington's Senate members, are less reliable than local officials (such as governors), but the principles are the same. So when asking politicians to do something, they must create an environment that is conducive to the adoption of this proposal, or something that politicians have to manage to return – such as donations or elections. Before you choose any strategy, it's better to figure out who the opponent is. In the story of the Gomez brothers, the governor believed that this was the plan the voters needed, and promised to support them, but once they found that they did not receive public support, he hurriedly retreated.

The Gomez brothers finally opened up and hired local lobby groups to convince the public that the hundreds of millions of investments they had made to the state legislature were not helped but they were helped in the city council. Therefore, the shopping malls that have been scaled down at present are not as large as the original ones, but they are still large local land development plans - of course, the scale will be even larger.

Knowing your customers doesn't mean selling them directly. In this story, it's too easy to sell to the governor. But the Gomez brothers should really take the steps of establishing a support system consisting of “affected people” around the governor, such as the press, trade unions, public opinion, his party, etc., and then contact him. This requires professional PR skills, such as reporting on their successful shopping center plans, revealing that other states are fighting for them to set up shopping centers, guiding local opinion leaders to explain the need for the state to develop the mall, etc., but the Gomez brothers The piece did not work, so unfortunately, when the governor found out that he had boarded a ship without a crew, he certainly rushed to abandon the ship.

Collect information by bit by bit

At Mackay Envelope, you won't believe that we know more about our customers – even the IRS doesn't believe it. Our sales staff must complete 66 questions for each customer. Not only do they like the kind of envelope, but through the continuous observation and interviews of the salesman, they get information about the customer's “personality”, for example, what is his special opinion about what? What is his proud achievement? He is in the office. What is the identity represented in the office?

When you understand the special interests and personalities of your customers, it is especially easy for you to contact and talk to them later. I have a client who is a fan of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. This allows us to pass at least six letters a year. I don't have to tell him the form of the envelope. I just write about baseball and he tells me. Comments about the envelope.

I have another customer collecting stamps. I sent him a special exotic stamp, no matter where I am in the world. I think he must be very grateful. He bought my envelope for 20 years, but during this time, we have only seen it once.