Business men's brand good news bird want to open in Europe "Chinese clothing" stores

June 08, 2019

In recent days, in the autumn and winter 2012 conference room held by Zhejiang Reliant Bird Clothing Co., Ltd., Chinese elements such as Chinese costumes, Chinese reds and window grilles can be seen everywhere, attracting much attention. Annie Bird Group Chairman Wu Zhize revealed that this year's Fall and Winter, Annunciation bird will be officially launched "Chinese clothing" and "outdoor" two series of clothing, while preparing to open stores in major European cities, the main push Chinese clothing series clothing. Introduced by Wu Zhize, China Service will become a good news opportunity for foreign birds to enter the overseas market and serve as a medium for Sino-Romanian consumers to promote Chinese brands and Chinese traditional culture to foreign consumers. In fact, the introduction of Chinese clothes is a good news plan for a long time ago. Beginning in 2006, the good news of birds in the terminal and clothing into a large number of Chinese elements, including the use of Chinese stores in the decoration of lattice windows, cloisonne porcelain plate, the integration of Chinese totem and so on. In the heart of Wu Zhize, there has always been a "Chinese complex" for the good news bird. Last year, the good news bird in the previous market research found that compared to suits, Chinese clothing more able to get the favor of consumers in western markets such as Europe. This time, the good news bird launched Chinese clothing series, but also for the good news bird next to enter the international market has paved the way.