37 ° Love underwear to enjoy not only the quality and service

June 08, 2019

37 ° Love, Ms. Main Lingerie - fashion lingerie, sexy little night clothes, swimwear, warm clothing, personalized home service, personal small pieces; clothing boutique - personalized clothing, boutique shoes and hats, ladies bags, trendy jewelry; Products - Ms. perfume, cosmetics and so on. For the pursuit of unique taste of women to provide one-stop fashion products enjoyment, where you enjoy not only the quality and service, but also a quality of life philosophy ......


After seven years of accumulation, 37 ° Love has become the most individual and influential brand in the female apparel industry. Since the launch of the "Thousand Shop Project" in 2011, a wave of 37 ° Love has been launched in the country. It is estimated that at the end of 2012, 37 ° Love stores will reach 1,500, and the country's strategic layout will be rapidly deepened.