ZARA fast fashion brand or will open the e-commerce tour is expected to station Lynx

June 26, 2020

According to report, founded in Spain in 1975 Zara, belonging to the Inditex Group, the world's third, Spain's No. 1 apparel business. Zara biggest feature is its rapid production cycle and high-quality flat. As of December 31, 2012, ZARA has a total of 122 stores in China. Inditex Group's net sales in 2012 were reported to have risen 16% year-on-year to 15.9 billion euros, while Zara posted the strongest growth among many brands, reaching 18%. According to a clothing brand business professionals disclosed that the fast fashion brand ZARA is expected to be settled in the recent Tmall official flagship store. The source also pointed out that with ZARA stationed in Lynx may also include the well-known British high-street brand TOPSHOP and so on. In this regard, the reporter respectively to Lynx and ZARA parent Inditex (Chi-pole International) Group to verify. Both sides did not give a positive answer. Lynx said only specific information is not yet available for the time being announced. However, according to people close to ZARA description, ZARA shop in the way of Lynx will determine the nature of the cooperation. To ZARA consistent treatment of e-commerce attitude, the same price online and offline with the same paragraph may still be its strategies and programs in Lynx. It is understood that ZARA in early September 2012 in the country to open an online mall ZARA online store merchandise and physical store synchronization, and the price will be the same. In addition, the user can choose to deliver home or to the nearby Zara store to pick up in two ways. If adopted in a similar way, it means ZARA will not like other traditional brands or Amoy brand, change their prices to meet the platform's positioning. "The equivalent of ZARA moved to the official mall Lynx platform, borrow Lynx's traffic." The above analysis. As the largest e-commerce platform in China, Tmall is passionate about international brands, especially for international first-tier brands and well-known brands. With the fast fashion brand Gap, UNIQLO, FOREVER21, etc. have completed the Lynx settled, and with the Chinese official website, offline stores to achieve simultaneous sales. However, another relevant personage pointed out that in view of the previous ZARA had heard the news in China authorized to invest low-key inventory, do not rule out the opening of a special clearance channel in Tmall, with a lower discount to digest the goods. For example, Gap in the domestic online market regardless of the official website or Lynx, have launched a discount area. According to report, ZARA's product update cycle is generally about 10 days, the fastest time even to achieve once a week. Therefore, ZARA regular price shop though there will be some discount promotions, but the less frequent, the discount is not large. However, the reporter found that, ZARA Chinese official website has set up a "clearance area" entrance, with 50% discount or even lower sales of seasonal goods. It is noteworthy that, at present, Taobao enter "ZARA" words, can still search a large number of the same paragraph, purchasing goods. Obviously, ZARA official flagship store opened, it is bound to have an impact on the sales of these businesses.

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