Different urban NEWFOUND New York NEW STYLE gorgeous turn around

June 18, 2020

Want to do a different urban girl, in the impetuous and tense urban life fast style to find their own taste, it takes a little thought. NEWFOUND New Zealand side women's sticking to the "not the same as city people," he also has been adhering to the "urban fashion", "taste woman" concept, the Oriental elegance throughout, depicting not the same thing with a blend of urban plan Symphony Girl.


NEWFOUND New Zealand's summer new, a change from day to day familiar style, with a variety of single product instead of the delicate dress series, amazing variety may be more suitable for the current urban dress style. This black chiffon blouse with clear and comfortable fabric presents a different feminine femininity, deep V shape to the charm of temptation to add a lot of points. High waist tight bundle of orange brisk skirt Waist bow waist belt design is very effort, extremely sensual waistline, the entire curve into the golden ratio, is indeed a good match.


Volatility of the wear has become a popular trend, amazing shape has become sought after modern city girl fan shape, this domineering group of domineering modeling is not already touched you. Blooming chiffon cuff stitching cotton soft and comfortable fabric, not the same style collide with a different spark, high waist line mermaid line hip dress, high temptation to open the fork to create a feminine charm almost perfect .

Siro spinning is two rovings are fed to drafting at the same time & twisted together as a double yarn.

Benefits of Siro Compact Spun:

Low hairiness, low thin and thick neps, smooth & good abrasion resistance, good wear resistance, 

better fiber orientations, fewer joints, fewer variations in the uniformity in the yarn.

Siro Compact Spun

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