Beiman Fei high-end business casual fashion women interpretation of low-key luxury

June 18, 2020

Bemanfair women's clothing is derived from the French romantic and elegant clothing culture, is based on the combination of international popular elements, the French design concept-oriented, through the original French products targeted color and style modification and self-styled High-end business casual fashion brand women .

贝曼菲高档商务休闲时尚女装 演绎低调的奢华

Bemanfair Women's Bemanfair women are good at expressing the beauty of the human body through the clothing language, which is reflected in the fabric texture, color mix, and details of the arrangement; this is achieved by finely tailored work and elaborate exquisite workmanship Fashion women mature, elegant, luxurious connotation.

贝曼菲高档商务休闲时尚女装 演绎低调的奢华

Bemanfair Bemanfair international fashion brand positioning, on behalf of the world's fashion and trends, with fashion, sensuality, comfort and elegance for the design of the emotional mainline, reflects the casual and stylish personalized aristocratic temperament. Products include knitwear, shirts, jackets, jackets, windbreaker, coats, sweaters, cotton suits, single pants, single skirt and so on. Beimanfei Beimanfei brand clothing product design focus on fabric texture.

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