Open underwear shop to join fee?

June 26, 2020

Open underwear shop to join fee? The issue of joining franchise fees for opening lingerie stores is presumably a major issue for investors. The initial fee for underwear as a paid price for lingerie shop investors using brand and brand services is a source of income for underwear brands, represents the experience and hardships of laundry brands in the market environment, and the use of brand fee is also a respect for the use of the brand. .

However, from the perspective of investors, investment projects with low investment, low risk, and high profits are ideal. Investors want to enjoy the brand's excellent service and best-selling products, but the high initial fee makes them hesitant.

Investors in underwear stores have limited funds. If most of the funds are used as franchise fees, they will definitely affect the proportion of investors investing in lingerie products. The size and performance of lingerie products purchased will not achieve the planning effect. Now the underwear industry's brand joining practice is to collect the initial fee, and the influence of different brands determines the size of the brand's initial fee. With Ermei underwear joined chain companies stand in the perspective of investors, earnestly consider the proportion of investment in underwear stores, take the zero joining fee of the joining policy, investors only need to purchase underwear products can enjoy 8 policy support and 10 unified preferential policies .

Without a high initial fee, lingerie franchisees can still enjoy a wide range of preferential franchise services. With the company's lingerie company, senior senior lingerie specialists were selected to train franchisees on apparel underwear technology, sales technology, and store management technology, and to provide patient guidance on the weaknesses of the marketing techniques of lingerie franchisees.

Open underwear shop to join fee? In the implementation process of zero joining the franchise policy, with the United States and the United States underwear also abide by all the promises of joining, to provide after-sales services for underwear shop franchisees, powerful after-sales service system is always ready to solve the franchisee in the product During the use of the product maintenance, product maintenance and other issues for the normal operation of underwear shop to provide protection. Therefore, when investors choose to join the brand, in addition to considering the issue of franchise fee, it is necessary to consider a lot of franchise services and laundry brands to support the underwear store, with a long-term perspective to consider the development prospects of underwear shop.

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