Sognikids Kids bring cool summer to children

June 27, 2020

Zhuowei Le companies operating for many years, every summer sognikids Zhuowei Le will bring a cool gift to children across the country. Summer has reached the hot season, Zhuowei Le to each consumer and terminal franchisee implementation of the biggest none other, such as: do sales in the terminal, Fannie discount concessions, a 8.8 fold, two 1% off, buy one Send one, buy over 100 to send 110 yuan, etc. Rangli activities. So that consumers receive real benefits, while the company also for the terminal distributors Larry, to provide adequate supply, and promotional products, the company also planned direct sales manager and superb supermarkets, shops to join the country stores Within, to assist sales, training, display. Create a cool summer festival for children. sognikids Zhuo Wei Le children's clothing for the happy growth of children across the country, continue to struggle! ! Sogni kids come from the fashion capital of Hong Kong, mainly for 1-12 school-age children, the use of cutting-edge fashion design elements and brand culture concept, to create sophisticated, elegant, simple and stylish wearing experience, Create a new fashion space children's clothing, focus on timeless exquisite and elegant fashion, so that children wearing Sogni kids children more confident and brave, excellent thinking, happy growth. Company Name: Guangzhou Zhuowei Lok Fashion Co., Ltd. Join Hotline: 020--3998 2466-- Turn 8031 ​​24-hour hotline: Hu Jiawei QQ: Company Address: Luo Xi, Panyu District, Guangzhou Yingbin Road No. 99 Zhuo Wei Business Fourth floor

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