When Wu Qilong’s new drama started, he kissed the special effect and changed the name to “wig wig”.

December 16, 2019

When Wu Qilong’s new drama opened, he kissed the special effect and changed the name to “wig wig”.

As the first weekly drama in China, which was broadcasted while producing and filming, the "New White Haired Witch Biography" starred by Wu Qilong, Masu, Fan Shaohuang and so on, landed in Hunan Satellite TV, and has been aired for 6 episodes. "Four Lords" Wu Qilong screamed and "fans" gathered. Just started broadcasting, Mango Taiwan was dauntless to announce that the show premiered high, zero spit. But open the microblogging and post it, the sound of painful criticism is endless.

Not a kiss, is it artificial respiration?

"Four Lord, do you want to be so ecstasy!" In the "Mystery Story" broadcast in the first week, Wu Qilong played the underwater kiss with Masu in the first episode. The speed and scale of the relationship also made the audience I feel "not stunned." Some netizens said: "It is another adaptation drama that has nothing to do with the original. When the first flight sees the singer, it should be silently watching and quietly covering her with a quilt. It is called a warm sunshine, good years, and it is up. Hey, hey, tears ran..." As a producer, Wu Qilong gave the audience a piece of science: "The main reason for this is to push the progress of the emotions faster, and that the picture is Zhuo Yihang who is doing artificial respiration." It’s not a true kiss.” The original episode was very pure, and the netizens really wanted to marry.

Special effects Ray, changed to wig witch transmission?

When Ma Su was on the scene, the white hair was gray, and some netizens tweeted: "The quality of this wig is too bad. It is changed to 'wig wigs'." "Jin Qianyan's swords are all curved." As a representative of martial arts novels, Some viewers believe that the "New White Haired Witch Biography" martial arts and stunts are too thunderous. Netizens hit the nail on the head: "What four elephant swords, two swords, and mud horses are enough for people to kill you back and forth. You have to say that there is a sword, and the legendary array is swollen." What's the matter? Appropriate special effects are good for adding color to the plot. If it's too late, it will drag on the back." In this regard, Wu Qilong is too busy to "protect": "I think it's okay, this drama is not a fantasy, animation and special effects. There are not many parts, the martial arts movements are based on actual hits, and the effect is good. Maybe everyone can see different angles."

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