Romantic Spring Teaches you how to create an outer beauty through underwear

December 15, 2019

With the concept of underwear now popular choice of health, buy women's underwear is not casual sloppy. Many people love colorful, all kinds of fashion elements embellished underwear. And you know how underwear with the coat can make you more beautiful and moving? Today romantic spring teach you how to create external beauty through underwear.


1, Chromic Department to choose bright color underwear

Red, bright yellow, green, sapphire, rose and other bright colors of the exterior, with white underwear, at the same time with golden red, green fruit, blue, dark pink, rose red and other color underwear. This not only makes both inside and outside the same, but also make people feel a kind of clear feeling. This time the election of color or light-colored underwear, it seems too common, while the choice of dark-colored underwear and a kind of heavy feeling.

2, dark-colored exterior to choose similar colors or anti-color underwear

In many formal occasions, black, dark green, dark blue, purple, dark coffee, dark red, violet and other colors are very solemn and very pretty color. At this time, underwear choose black, dark blue, brown, big red, dark green, purple rose is suitable. Of course, wearing bare skin, the pure white is also very good-looking.

3, choose contrast color underwear

Is the choice of contrast color underwear, such as, black underwear with white or red outer, very bright. In particular, is now popular underwear wear, it is this with the best results.


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