Taihe women's 2012 autumn and winter new give yourself a leisurely holiday

December 20, 2019

Lay down heavy work, take a deep breath and give yourself a leisurely holiday. Green dark green, orange warm, yellow leisurely, destined to make this holiday full of expectations, give life a big hug, do not need any reason. Tai Wo women's autumn and winter 2012 new series of leisurely holidays, the use of natural and camel on behalf of the green, loose-fitting clothing. Let urban people return to nature, close to the landscape, in the blue sky to find the joy of life.

太和 - TAHAN

太和女装2012秋冬新品 给自己放一个悠然假期

Taihe brand was established in 1989. In 1998, Taihe TAHAN was named "Top Brand of Chinese Women" by the "Business Times", and at the same time acquired "Chinese and Foreign Fashion Magazine" and transformed it into "TAHAN", introducing the full range of fashion life and creating the " And the modern way of life, communicate with consumers in the brand culture, the fashion into fashion. In the 21st century, TAHAN seeks to combine the romantic style with the traditional elegance in an attempt to create a brand new, Chinese-oriented and fashionable female image and become the Chinese own high-end ladies' spokesperson.
Brand concept: to create fashion, the pursuit of dreams, shoulder to shoulder with the international brands, walking in the forefront of professional women's creative occupation and leisure perfect unity, so that urban women wear Taihe women's dress is our ultimate dream.
Consumer groups: 25-40 years old, noble, elegant, mature, stylish women.
Product Series: Set, Tops, Shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Pants, Vests, Jackets, Coats, Jackets, Dungarees, Down Jackets, Quilts, Accessories, etc. Product Positioning: (The following prices are for the price tag, for reference only, the actual price Based on the quarterly price list)

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