No. 19, Garden Street, Europe and South Korea popular interpretation of the mashup art

December 29, 2019

Woman flowery, blooming the most beautiful life, but years of relentless reminder of the old, women fear more than the passage of time, the appearance of the old! All this seems to be an indelible truth. Therefore, the beauty of a woman is not simply the appearance of the beautiful, but should be distributed by the temperament inside and outside. No.19 Garden Street brand reflects the bold and lively personality of women; avant-garde mix and match, gorgeous colors, multi-angle flashes young women's personality; will be "self-worship" philosophy of life into which reflect the new New humans love life, independence and freedom of life attitude, and unlimited creativity and vitality. Europe and South Korea will mix and match the popular art play most vividly.

花园街19号 - NO.19

Garden Street No. 19 women's interpretation of Europe and Korea popular mix of art

Join advantage
1, a unique brand positioning, accurate grasp of consumer demand;
2, a strong headquarters of the design team and product development efforts;
3, leading the market of new products on the market (once a week on the new);
4, professional marketing management consultant mentioned T actual brand marketing guidance;
5, a unified brand management, strong marketing, standardized market operation;
6, to provide competitive profit margins and system of promotional support;
7, follow-up, one-on-one communication, caring pre-sale, sale, after-sales service;
8, low discount high replacement rate, low investment low risk;

花园街19号女装  演绎欧韩流行的混搭艺术

No. 19, Garden Street, Europe and South Korea popular interpretation of the mashup art

Join policy
1, free franchise fee, free margin, 100% replacement, the contract a year sign;
2, the first batch of goods more than 30,000; a total investment of 4-5 million;
3, the shop area of ​​30 square feet or more, located in the bustling shopping district; the company has a shopping district protection;
4, the annual purchase of 200,000, the company rebates 1% reward;
5, the company provides decoration drawings, pop posters, membership cards, sales of small votes, handbags.

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