Magic body knit warm pants wore out of the wild autumn and winter models

December 29, 2019

MOTI (Magic Body) brand in response to the fashion industry a good opportunity for a reincarnation of 12 years, was born in time, is the pioneer and leader of knitted thermal pants, specializing in knitted thermal pants production and sales. The emergence of MOTI also fills the gap in the field of domestic knitted thermal pants, opening a brand new situation, through years of continuous attempts to subvert the traditional research and development ideas, blending the selling point of multi-Wei fashion popular hot spots, and in autumn and winter of 2012 New products into a lot of fashion and bold innovative elements, a strong launch of a Roman cloth, high-grade leather, suede and many other new fabrics, and unique international patent products.

魔体针织保暖女裤 穿出秋冬时尚百搭款

According to different age groups and different seasons, products are subdivided into: upstart fashion Scottish plaid series, rocking pants Legging new wave series, Roman cloth hot drilling elegant series, the Middle East style Hallen Smart Series, the classic fashion cowboy series, elegant leisure Pants series, colorful printing denim series seven series, to meet the needs of women in all fields of beauty.

魔体针织保暖女裤 穿出秋冬时尚百搭款

MOTI respect for fashion, Smart, comfort, innovation and cultural body sculpting, boldly preached: Good to go beyond the self-assertive spirit of the brand, has attracted many domestic and international well-known clothing brand, world famous brand to join the cooperation: seven wolves, Goldlion, Pierre. Cardin, St. Paul, Langsha, slender birds, top-knack, Pallanto, song di ...... With a unique brand positioning and innovative sales model, MOTI (magic body) brand in China knit warm pants market stand out, To become the first brand of knitted pants.

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