Read Qianxi Seoul - a few entangled with a woman's underwear

October 10, 2019

More than 100 years back in time, the French designer Paul Pooley declared the bra's rise in the name of "freedom," while the women at that time dared to suffer in the corset. For 100 years, from the imprisonment of the tights of the 19th century to the relaxed and comfortable pursuit of the modern people, and then to the discovery of the beauty of the confinement structure, the skinny lingerie has been restored again. Under the graceful curve, underwear constantly changes the waist and buttocks of a woman , Show colorful, delicate, secretive and unspeakable sexy qualities.


In 1999, the revised underwear industry leader brand - " Sisier " founder Liu Suyin, with a unique perspective, look at the underwear market, precision positioning in the fledgling underwear market correction. While giving Lingerie multiple tender feelings and rich connotations, she always insisted on oriental beauty as the brand connotation and her brand image of "Bringing the beauty of the East and interpreting the beauty of the world". Her designs are designed to highlight the oriental features and integrate skillfully into embroidery, tie-dye, etc. Process and elements with Chinese characteristics, in line with Chinese women's aesthetic psychology, highlighting the elegant and intellectual brand personality, reflecting the extraordinary extraordinary taste of life.

Xi Shi Seoul focus on functional women's underwear in the development, production and marketing, she took the lead in the use of natural environmentally friendly fabrics, with the supremacy of the perfect details of the supremacy of the hand to win the praise of the vast consumer groups. At the same time, she is the first to put forward the professional underwear consulting services and excellent quality famous. Marketing network throughout the country and even Southeast Asia and other countries, has set up nearly 700 chain stores. Thirteen years time, Xi Sier has been in the underwear brand soaring sky, flying higher!

Xi Sier best understand the woman, the earliest body shaping function and comfort fit into the health of women, to convey the pursuit of women, new women's attitude towards life and the atmosphere of the times made a new interpretation of the design language to care for women to reflect Xi Sisel Charm of love. A wide range of products, be good at breaking the traditional, Tugu na new, will always have a modified, elegant, stylish, simple style. Every beautiful woman can find her self-confidence in the world of Alsace.

Fashion always start with the underwear of women, because there is the value and strength first reflected. The history of the evolution of an underwear is a testimony to the changing role and status of a woman in a hundred-year society. It connects the body of a woman with the privacy of a woman and is a deadly weapon given to men by women. Underwear is a woman's tender feelings, but also a woman's own love for a, this love is a woman to themselves. In appreciation, purchase, wearing a series of process, a woman full of expectations of their own, full of pity, a little narcissistic means.

Together with Sissel, create a bodybuilding plump you, be a fashion elegant, intellectual beautiful woman!

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