QIAOFU HOWE CHEV Shanghai New World Store wonderful debut

October 10, 2019

July 13, QIAOFU HOMME Geoff in Shanghai New World Department Store brilliant debut. QIAOFU HOMME Shanghai New World stores as its first store opened in Shanghai, indicates that QIAOFU HOMME development into a new era of development. QIAOFU HOMME Hove originated in the fashionable capital of Shanghai. Since its founding in 1999 up to now, after more than ten years of accumulation and resource integration, HOMME has developed into a leading brand in the field of fashion men's business in China. It covers men's garments, men's and women's wear and accessories Commodity fashion kingdom, fully meet the senior business people on the full demand for clothing, both to highlight the identity, highlight the temperament, but also superior taste. In 2012, QIAOFU HOMME unveiled the new image of the upgraded fourth generation terminal in Shanghai New World Department Store through the integration and promotion of brands, products, images and various links, and the new image is more suitable for displaying brand independence , With a shirt display area, jewelry display cabinets. In the decorative materials to do green, the perfect display of the brand integration of taste, fashion, health diversity, the [taste of men] performance most vividly. Currently, QIAOFU HOMME has more than 300 stores in more than 100 cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun, Wuhan, Qingdao and Dalian. The main shopping malls are Shanghai New World, Harbin Parkson / Hundred and Wuhan New The world, Changchun Department Store, Shenyang New Mart, Yangzhou Wanjiafu and other high-end department store channels, investment Tel:.

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