Overview of the spring and summer 2013 footwear trends

February 23, 2020

On December 28th this site , the speed of the elements above the high-heeled shoes changes like a woman's mood changes as fast. So the high heels you buy today may be outdated tomorrow, so it's better to look ahead to styles that will be hot in the spring, summer and spring of 2013, and you should know before your next spring and summer defeat.

1, ethnic patterns - Oriental style

Responsive to the trend of globalization of fashion, the Oriental style became "fashionable" in the hands of designers in the 2013 Spring-Summer Fashion Week. In the early years, it was a good thing to wipe the ball or grab a glass. At this moment, everything was " "Salted fish turned over" and became the protagonist of Fashion Week T stage.

Tsumori Chisato took us into the old days of Japan with nostalgic carmine, and Dolce & Gabbana still can not forget the warm Sicilian style, Vivienne Westwood shoes work happens to form a strong with the "simple" ready-to-wear series Contrast, publicity to even aggressive colors, patterns particularly eye-catching! French designer Carven's designers directly from India, Africa, the inspiration to travel directly to high-heeled shoes and clothing. The unique charm of the ethnic customs has changed the pattern and color to the external silhouette to become the designers’ goal of this exploration and innovation.

2, super-tipped - holding elegant ladies

Christian Dior unsurprisingly took us back through the hourglass silhouette back to the late 40s. It is also a representative of super-pointed shoes. Miu Miu uses a seemingly incongruous splicing and cutting technique to reflect alternative elegance. sense. While Louis Vuitton is actively adapting to the hot vintage trend, the clothing line uses a checkerboard as a selling point, and the footwear uses purely straight white geometric lines to challenge the limits of the fairies: your feet can be stuffed with “sharp edges”. The super pointed shoes? London's two-person designer brand Preen also squeezed into the camp of the season's super sharp shoes, animal texture + color stitching, though simple, but still add a lot of fresh feeling for the dress.

3, thick with - neutral force

Because of the poor physical wearability of the heel, the heeled shoes became the mainstream on the T stage. In addition to the height of the decoration, the details on the pattern, the change from the color to the material, were taken into consideration in the fashion. Good physical wearability.

Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring/Summer 2013 ready-to-wear collection began with a handsome leather knight. Although the theme of Chanel's season was “energy” and “lightness”, he still expressed the dexterity and arrogance with direct geometric stripes. Just Cavalli uses sexy colors to outline the sexy taste, and designer Phoebe Philo who just finished the heavy fashion week has brought us the most “relaxed” season in Celine in recent years. The furry high-heeled shoes are humorous and usual. Celine, which is only suitable for photographing fashion pieces, creates a stylish and lively mood.

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