NASA Announces Newly Designed Space Suit

February 20, 2020

NASA Announces Newly Designed Space Suit According to the British Daily Mail, at present, NASA announces the newly designed space suit, which resembles the space suit worn by cartoon characters in the cartoon “Toy Story”.

This white and green “Z-1” space suit is very similar to the space hero Buzz Lightyear’s space suit in “Toy Story”. The new space suit has an air lock and does not require a lot of time to release the pressure. The space suit’s full name is “Z-1 Space Suit Prototype and Portable Life Support System 2.0” and is expected to be used in the next few years.

Behind the space suit is a large backpack that is used to connect another spacecraft or a device such as a rover. It does not require "prebreathe" to obtain oxygen under the same pressure conditions on the spacecraft. At the same time, this space suit can better support the legs, ankles, buttocks and waist to help the astronaut move more naturally. The urethane coating layer of nylon and polyester can more effectively control the space suit pressure. The new space suit can effectively reduce the temperature and better eliminate carbon dioxide.

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