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February 18, 2020

This site December 28th, are you upset by your height of less than 160cm? Even if you do not have a supermodel like a tall figure you don't have to worry about! There are too many petite but notorious stars at home and abroad. The big stars on the way, whether they are on the stage or in private street shots, are definitely more than the actual height! This is thanks to their selection of single products and match skill! 9 The gold figure of the beauty of the head body is also the same It can be achieved through the acquired clothing. Come see the high celebrities of stars!

Demonstration star: Jolin Tsai open height: 161cm

Xiao Bian Comments: You are the character of the Chinese pop music world, Jolin Tsai's appeal is unmatched. Her recent concert was also full of games. In fact, Jolin Tsai did not only sing about her career but also had a lot of hand in dressing. Although the petite man can't be compared to a star with a super figure of more than 170, but every time she debuts in the mirror, she feels very tall, so she wears a very important role, even if she wears a long skirt. Dress can hold live.

Left: White dress dress

Deep V slim white dress perfectly shows Jolin Tsai's waist and chest, like the goddess is generally noble and holy. The most important thing is that in the past, she was at least 10CM high. The stunning visual effect was the high waistline design of the skirt, and a thin blue line was added to the waistline to emphasize the gold. Split ratio. Instantly raise the height, of course, preparing a decent pair of high heels is also essential!

Right: black leggings + black suit jacket + gentleman hat

This is Jolin Tsai's usual photos, this handsome appearance is not lacking tough, but also mixed with some British style. She definitely knows how to show her own body strength. Deep V reveals a little sexy, black legging makes the legs finer, the jacket is simple and atmospheric, and the black leggings are evenly integrated. It looks even higher. There is also a little trick, wearing a hat is also a way to make the body more uplifting Oh!

Demonstration star: Zhou Xun open height: 161cm

Xiao Bian Comments: Zhou Xun's status as a superstar in China's film world is known to all people on the earth, and her acting skills are excellent. She often goes abroad to participate in some fashion shows or is invited to make large-scale international fashion magazines, entertainment circles On both sides of the shuttle, full of stylish coffee. Her image has always been very thin, but she managed to win the strong winds of Europe and the United States, relying on her deep internal strength.

Left: Gray retro jumpsuit

Xun Ge'er has her own set of petite, even if she doesn't have a proud figure after lordosis. Suit texture hanging neck jumpsuit is very elegant, temperament detached, gentle and impeccable, contains a perfect interpretation of the independence and confidence of the Oriental women. Siamese trousers allow the body to be joined together. At the same time, it is a high-waist design. She wears it even more thinly.

Right: black short leather + black tights

Zhou Xun's street shooting is still so tasteful, small boots and black tights are very harmonious. Different layers of the upper body show different levels. If the height is not too high, then choose short-skin leather clothing like Zhou Xun, it is more concise and capable, not cumbersome.

Demonstration star: Scarlett Johansson Open height: 160cm

Xiao Bian Comments: Scarlett is a red star Hollywood star, participating in a number of large films, such as "Lost in Tokyo", "Iron Man 2", "Avengers" and so on. In the eyes of men, she is a sexy goddess that is indescribable and has an angelic face and charming temperament. Although her height in the European and American actresses is really not dominant, she is also able to wear a 170cm actress's high sense!

Left: Mauve lace hollow dress skirt

Super sexy and glamorous dress skirt, will Scarlett's proud body and beautiful back show perfect, concave and convex have caused people to indulge. The design of the dress skirts and dragliness stretches the length of the body and makes the figure look longer. It will certainly look high on the visual.

Right: Black Coat

This is a street shot of Scarlett in New York Street in December. The whole body is black and white with a classic color, black coat style is exquisite and elegant, the highlight is the waist belt, the golden ratio is fine waist. In fact, as long as the proportion is good and the figure is even, it will appear to be higher than the actual height.

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