Happy Dragon children's colorful colors to allow children to shuttle in fairy tales and life

February 21, 2020

"Happy Dragon" "HAPPYDRAGON", is derived from China's "successor to the dragon," the idea. Which "happy" "HAPPY" is happy, happy meaning. "Dragon" "DRAGON" is the king of ancient Chinese legend, while Chinese children are "Dragon's successor." Happy life, healthy growth is the biggest hope for all parents of children. Happy Dragon's image logo is a well-shaped symbol wrapped in lively and lovely dragons in which the meaning is "Happy, happy dragon descendants, healthy and happy growth under the common care of our great motherland and parents." Colorful collocation, fashion personality design, meticulous workmanship, etc., everywhere, the happiness and sincerity of the happy dragon workers. Happy Dragon will bring you happiness, confidence, fashion, sunshine ... let the children in the fantasy and reality, fairy tales and life shuttle.

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