Zhong Hanzhong, chairman of offside juvenile equipment: strive to build the first brand of Chinese fashion juvenile wear

August 30, 2019

Foreword: In 2012, the number of sales terminals installed across the country successfully exceeded 400, and all sales targets hit a record high, becoming a truly representative strength brand in the juvenile market. The face of new opportunities for development, "offside offside" Junior's next goal is to become the juvenile market leader brand. Offside costume chairman: Zhong Hanzhong Reporter: offside youth clothing was first from the "sportswear" to start, now it is developed into a multi-style integration of a multi-brand youthwear, during which offside youth loaded What happened to the marketing strategy? Zhong Hanzhong: offside youth was founded during the Olympic cycle, when the enthusiasm of the masses at an unprecedented rise, sportswear market space. Offside juvenile equipment is as the first domestic sports and sports and leisure-based juvenile, children's wear professional monopoly brand to enter the market, because we locate accurate, and soon opened the market, but also for the development of the brand has laid a good basis. After the Olympics cycle, we started to broaden the path of market development. Apart from continuing to do sports series, we started the development of fashion and leisure series. Nowadays, the three series of styles occupy almost one third of the total. The children To our store to buy clothes will have a lot of choice. Now, we will further focus on the development of fashion series, and strive to make "offside offside" juvenile clothing become a fashion leader. In the design style and version of the improvement, we will go in this direction. Because, now is a "fast fashion" consumer era, does not look good, not fashionable products are not won consumer favorite. Reporter: Offside teenager progress made in recent years for all to see, specifically reflected in what aspects? Zhonghanzhong: First of all, we have made great progress in the construction of our sales terminals, and not only increased in quantity, but achieved qualitative leaps. We have stores in more than 20 provinces throughout the country and successfully opened up the Great Northwest market last year. We entered the first-level shopping malls in many cities and the image of our stores has also made great strides. In many places, we have opened large Shop, these achievements are proud of. Second, we make progress every year in product development. This is our goal and the actual commitment we can give to our customers. Our understanding of the market continues to deepen, the designer team will continue to be strong, we are full of confidence. Reporter: If you let you summarize, what do you think the biggest advantage of offside youth clothing compared with other brands? Zhong Hanzhong: First, our products are irreplaceable. Most of the brands are concentrated in the children's market, teenager brand itself is not much. Regardless of their style positioning or product quality, offside juvenile wear has a strong market competitiveness and adaptability. Second, the cost advantage of offside juvenile equipment is very obvious. Judging from the current status quo in our country, there is almost no price / performance ratio for offside teenagers' equipment. Our price tag and purchase discount are not high, but our quality is definitely superior because we insist on the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Reporter: The next stage, the offside juvenile equipment and what specific development plan? Zhong Hanzhong: First of all, in the aspect of brand style, the fashion pioneer of "offside offside" youthwear will be further enhanced. The brand of "Fashion Junior Leader" has become our new brand slogan. This is also the biggest development goal of our stage. Secondly, in terms of market expansion, we will step up construction of self-operated stores, build multiple flagship stores and large stores, and will continue to strengthen our terminal services. In the next phase, we will strive to enhance the sales performance of single stores. Reporter: offside juvenile equipment has achieved good results, do you think the biggest magic of success is what? Zhong Hanzhong: Our team, there is no doubt. We have a young and energetic team, many of whom are 80, are the mainstay of the offside youth design and development team and marketing services team. Many of them follow me from the start of my business, and the achievements of offside youth are the result of the hard work of our team and are inseparable from the efforts of every individual.

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