Hong Kong Experience International Fashion Co., Ltd. and Weichai Power held a staff association

August 23, 2019

The beginning of the new spring, Vientiane update. Hong Kong Society of International Fashion Co., Ltd. and Weichai Power Co., Ltd. held a staff association opened on the eve of Valentine's Day.

The location of the fraternity was set in the factory of our company. On the afternoon of February 12th, the leadership of the personnel department of our company led several of our colleagues to elaborate the fraternity hall to make the workshop a new look. The colorful balloons were glittered with colorful ribbons shining. The entrance of the colored arch is the crowning touch of the venue.


Hong Kong Experience International Fashion Co., Ltd. Personnel Li Shasha

Two o'clock in the afternoon, Weichai Power friends arrived on time, neat and unanimous. Followed by our guide into the venue, and according to the number of cards issued by each person condemnation. Ms. sitting in the inner ring, men's outer ring. According to the number of staff, we will be prepared in advance of the heart-shaped pink cards and pens sent to everyone, and guide you to write their own age, origin, height, personality and other personal information and mate standards and contact information.

Followed by closing after receiving the good, the next part of the "three-minute appointment" mode. Each person and the opposite sex has three minutes of exchange time, the time after the lady position does not move, the men turn the seat rotation to the next round of the next round. We talked very much at the venue, laughter, atmosphere relaxed and happy. The first success of the first pair of hand on stage, to win everyone's thunderous applause and deep blessings, and presents gifts and flowers. Followed by the second pair, the third pair ... everyone shouted in unison, the venue atmosphere is soaring!

Good times always flies, unwittingly halfway between activities. Successful women did not go hand in hand to the stage followed by a self-introduction, and then the ladies turn around, the audience did not go hand in hand the success of the men standing on top of the favorite lady behind the time is limited, no courage came to power only missed the opportunity . The clock is over and the woman turns around. Oh, some behind the boys just talked about, and some are strangers behind; some behind two or three boys; some behind empty ... ... King had a dream, if the goddess also have the heart can take over Roses in the hands of boys, hand in hand to get a beautiful gift.

The final fellowship ended in a high success rate of 48 pairs of hand in hand. Youdao is a thousand miles meet the word edge, the two companies living next door, is the fate of employees from different regions meet at this friendship, met, the association deepened business understanding and increase staff exchanges. I wish the two companies to expand the scale, business development, business is booming, wide-reaching financial resources! Also wish the staff long-term friendship, friendship forever!

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