Deal 诀窍: hold the price and grab the order

August 07, 2019

[China Glass Network] Which sales will not be interested in the increase in market share?

Everyone wants to dig a piece of meat from a competitor and grab a single one, which is inevitable. However, when you are in contact with your opponent's customers, they generally reject you for these reasons:

Yes, we are very interested in your products, but can the price be cheaper?

The price of cooperation between me and your opponent is already very low, and your price has no advantage!

The products and services you provide are very good, but I am very happy to work with your opponent now.

At this point, you are eager to take the order, you will tell the customer a low price that your boss can hardly bear. Sadly, even if your price is very low, it is still out of the deal.

Clear reasons for buying, but also to be clear about the consequences of not buying. Since the price of jumping off the building can not get the opponent customers, many sales people began to introduce how unique their products are.

For example, the following companies say this:

"Guaranteed to be delivered the next day!" (FedEx)

"Pizza is delivered within 30 minutes, otherwise free!" (Damere Pizza)

"Milk chocolate is not in your hands, but melts in your mouth." (M&M's)

Unfortunately, the product selling point you provide, your opponent can quickly follow up, which makes it impossible for customers to distinguish between you and your opponent, at least on the surface.

Why can't your product selling point impress customers? Because in the eyes of the customer, your plan cannot guarantee that the value it receives will be greater. The value you get from you is not greater than what you get from your opponent. Why do you change it to be a new supplier?

So which aspects do you want to define your program value?

Can be summarized into 4 R:

1. Reliability: As a seller, you can provide reliable assurance in all aspects, including product quality, delivery time and maintenance arrangements.

2. Responsiveness: You can not only provide reliable services, but also respond to customers' needs and all aspects of their concerns. This includes the resident after-sales staff who are equipped with the customer to solve the problems in the use of the product in time.

3. Resourcefulness: Can you think of innovative ways to help customers achieve more goals with fewer resources? Can you use your company's resources to help customers solve problems?

4. Relationships: In addition to building relationships with key decision makers, relationships with everyone who influences procurement, including gatekeepers, end users, and those who influence product users.

If the reason for the purchase is sufficient, but the customer still does not buy from you, you can correspond to the above aspects and tell him the consequences of not buying. such as:

Reliability is not guaranteed: although the opponent's equipment is still reliable in daily operations, reliability will be greatly compromised in the event of an accident, such as a fire.

Insufficient enthusiasm: they are not allowed to station engineers on-site service, and when they encounter a fault, they will send someone to serve, which will delay the opportunity.

If you can't impress your customers, then you can get new opportunities in the future by doing work around the following three aspects:

For example, enthusiasm: You can provide all kinds of daily services (such as simple check, problem consultation, etc.) for customers (even if they are using their competitors' products);

For example, reliability: by responding to customers' daily needs in a timely manner, enhancing trust with customers and convincing them that they need more reliable products and services. You can even convince them that if you want to upgrade some production systems, you don't need to spend that much money;

Another example is friendship and relationship: the job is really done. Even if the relationship between the customer and the current supplier is very close, the "sound" inside the client company will turn to you.

This kind of work is done, you can still achieve the deal with the price.

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