AIMISUO · Amy Sole brand women's marketing: the establishment of confidence rather than ideas

August 08, 2019

In today's China market, set off a promotional wind, no matter what business, what areas, or no matter what kind of advertising planning company, are sparing no effort to play a promotional brand to pursue the pleasure of sales. Management guru Drucker has the phrase, "The real task of marketing is to make sales extra."

First of all, I would like to ask one question, how many companies and strategists in China can really understand this sentence? Our business and the market are falling into a blind obscenity that puts their precious brand into the chaos. Admittedly, in certain circumstances and market conditions, promotion is a powerful tool for enterprises and products to achieve maximum economic benefits in the short term. However, keep in mind that there is a common trait of promotional behavior that is its timeliness. Derivatives of the original sales behavior is to let a less well-known brand through the market first-line consumption to be market cognition, in the future development process, can grow into a household name brand, it is a brand building links, only This is it!

Enterprises need efficiency as the fundamental enterprise development, but the benefits can not bring the ultimate benefit to the enterprise to maximize. Promotional activities like water, business is like a boat, for the brand behavior of the promotional activities can effectively for the corporate image and product image to bring the ideal brand appeal and reputation, and thus to a greater extent to support the product sales and brand promotion. This is the right path for brand marketing.

And most of our current promotional activities are more and more for the purpose of interest, the opposite approach may be able to see some of the economic benefits in the short term, but the brand value of the loss will over time Loss and huge, this is the best endorsement worth the candle. The starting point of interest from the perspective of the initiator itself is standing on the level of short-sighted to consider the issue, they do not care about this short-lived sales peak, but only hope that through continuous short-term sales will be able to maintain the development of the entire enterprise.

When we look back at world famous brands, in fact, we doubled their information and found that they had very few promotions. If they did, they would certainly be serving brands in the whole product chain rather than short-term sales. Why? Because they are looking for room for brand value, there is a commonality among consumers around the world in expanding this space, where the desire to buy is strongest when brand value is far greater than consumer value from the senses. This desire, will be a powerful guarantee for product sales!

Target consumer groups: 20-40-year-old fashion white-collar workers, urban new women, the pursuit of quality, intelligent, elegant intellectual woman.
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