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January 02, 2020

There are two kinds of silk mainly produced in China. One is the so-called mulberry silk, which is the silk extracted from the silkworm silkworm. This silk has a white color and a yellow color. It has a delicate and smooth hand and has a faint smell of animal fiber. The quilt made from this silk is particularly soft and close to the body.

Another type of silk is tussah silk, which is produced from tussah pupa. The tussah is stocked on the mountain banyan tree, commonly known as the wild silkworm. It mainly lives in the north. It is artificially stocked in the wild mountain forest. It feeds on the eucalyptus leaves. Compared with mulberry silk, tussah silk is darker in color and its original color is grayish black. Tussah silk is a natural silk, which is the silkworm that is spit out when the silkworm is crusted. Mainly composed of silk protein and sericin. The natural silk after removing the sericin is good in gloss, soft and strong, and has elasticity and high insulation, and is an excellent textile raw material. Tussah silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body. Therefore, the natural silk quilt processed from tussah silk is an excellent natural health care product in today's human bed.

Both have their own strengths and are animal proteins that are close to human skin proteins. It has the advantages of good air permeability, UV protection and moisture absorption. Therefore, silk products are noble textile products, and the price is naturally expensive. Because tussah silk is relatively rigid and can enhance the quilt's warmth, some companies have actively used tussah silk to make silk quilts in mulberry silk, and clearly indicate the content ratio of the two. This practice is also recognized by the industry.

Nowadays, silk is very confused by the market, there are vicious competitions at low prices, and there are many counterfeit and shoddy products. Deliberately here is the identification method of mulberry silk being true and false, so as to prevent consumers from being deceived.

First, look at the price. According to the daily trading price of the Chinese silk trade market, on May 1, 2007, the average price of silk per catty is 120-130 yuan. If the price of mulberry silk is calculated according to the net weight of mulberry silk, and the average price is less than 100 yuan per catty, then this product can be basically determined to be a counterfeit product. Some of the silk that weighed 3 kilograms of mulberry silk was 180 yuan, which is obviously a fake and shoddy product, otherwise he will lose money. Because mulberry silk is in addition to mulberry silk, it also needs fabrics. If it is a satin, it is generally 18-35 yuan / m, a bed of 200cm * 230cm silk quilt, it needs about 4.5 meters of satin, the cost of a single fabric is up to 80-160 yuan, in addition to processing fees.

Second, look at the degree of fluffiness. Generally speaking, if the silk is the same as the quilt, it is very knotted and solid. This kind of silk is generally a fake and shoddy product. Because of the silk quilt made of good silk, it is generally very fluffy. If you press hard, he will rebound soon, so pure silk is called a porous quilt.

Third, look at the color of silk. In general, the color of high-quality silk is white, but slightly yellowish. The real high-quality silk should be natural and bright, the silk is neat and uniform, and there are few impurities such as yellow spots and black spots. If your silk is pure white by the silk inside, white is dazzling, the color feels unnatural, you can be sure that your silk is not a high quality silk quilt.

Fourth, burning silk. Nowadays, many manufacturers who make fakes usually have a layer of silk on the outside, and the bread is chemical fiber, so the price is extremely low. Therefore, as a consumer, you should pull out some silk from the inner layer of the silk (note, not the surface layer, not the quilt) and burn it. The silk is smashed into a thread and burned to ash, and the state of the ash is observed. If it is hand-picked, it becomes a powder, which is a natural silk. The taste of the charred charcoal is the same as that of the charred protein. If there is cockroach, it contains the chemical fiber component. If it cannot be mashed into a powder after burning, it is a purified fiber.

If the above four methods are used to check the silk quilt, it is sure to check the true and false of the silk quilt.

Different quality silks can be correctly identified from the following five aspects:

The silk of high quality appearance has a pearl-like color and diffuse refraction to light. Clean and less impurities, the silk path is orderly and tidy; and the poor quality silk is often added with bleach and other chemicals, making it look pale, not shiny and moist, more impurities, silky roads.

The high-quality silk touch is smooth, smooth and elastic, and has no hard clumps; while the inferior silk has a soft touch, no flexibility, no moist feeling, and has a relatively large number of stolons, clams, oysters and medlar.

Silk with a taste of oily or mildew is inferior.

Combustion silk does not have flame retardancy when burned, and ceases to ignite when separated from flame. It is loosely ash after burning and has a burnt smell of hair.

Fiber strength The better the stretch, the better the quality. Studies have shown that the superior tensile strength of mulberry silk should be stronger than that of the same diameter. The high-quality silk has excellent recovery elasticity; while the inferior silk has poor fiber strength and elastic properties such as recovery elasticity.


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