Three points distinguish the value of topaz

January 03, 2020

Three points distinguish the value of topaz Topaz is a high-value jade species recognized by both domestic and international markets. Rare and expensive topaz, but not as long as the topaz will be of high value. How to evaluate the value of topaz? We need to proceed from the following three aspects:

First of all, it is the color of topaz. Color is the first element of most jade evaluations and can be evaluated from both its color saturation and hue. The more pure the yellow topaz, the less the noise, and the higher the saturation, the higher its value. Topaz saturation is not enough, and the colors doped with other colors will affect the value of topaz.

Second, it is to look at the jade of the topaz. The warmer the topaz jade quality, the less cracking, the higher its value.

Finally, look at the topaz process. A good piece of topaz, if matched to good craftsmanship, will be more perfunctory and valuable.

Pure topaz, bright colors, warm topaz topaz coupled with good craftsmanship, will have great charm, very collectible.

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