Toddler children can be fun to operate a children's clothing store approach

January 25, 2020

The children's wear market is one of the most potential growth markets in China. However, the proportion of children's wear in the apparel industry is very small. Statistics show that at present, China's children's wear production accounts for only about 6% of the national total. Experts point out that the next few years, the demand for children's clothing will be more than 10% of the rate of increase, thus creating a strong brand has become the top priority for China's children's wear industry. The consumption of various types of children's clothing by Chinese domestic urban residents has been on an upward trend in recent years, with an annual growth rate of 26.5%. With the further improvement of family income and the gradual attainment of well-to-do living standards for urban residents, the consumer demand in China's children's wear market has shifted from the practical model of satisfying basic life in the past to the fashionable type that pursues beautiful appearance. Some economically developed cities and consumers Demand for children's clothing trends, brand. Children's clothing is relatively high profit, the general 45% off stock, 20% off sales are still nearly 70% profit, there is more variety of children's clothing, consumers can not do obvious price comparison, the owner easy to grasp the initiative! Birthday, a set of 61, a set of two sets of Spring Festival, usually two sets a year down at least 6 sets of clothes to an average retail price of 100 yuan clothing, the average cost of up to 600 people, with the quality and Increasingly demanding brand, this data will also be higher and higher! The steps / methods of operating a children's clothing store Children's clothing store's business area Children's clothing to style and price to win, less demanding store size, minimum of not less than twenty-five square meters can open a shop. Children's clothing shop funds except for rent and decoration, ten square meters purchase 7,000 yuan, and so on! Children's clothing store operating mode Single brand stores and multi-brand stores. Single-brand stores basically take the form of brand authorization, and the manufacturers signed an agreement, the manufacturers provide a unified decoration materials, product brochures, publicity POP, image counters, etc .; multi-brand stores operating more flexible, including store decoration, price discount Can be flexible! Children's clothing store decoration Children's clothing is the pursuit of personalized products, store decoration also needs rich personality, you can use the primary color wooden shelves. As for the product display, put the product as much as possible to shape, do not just hang the whole row there! Because children's clothing is not much, but rather fine! Children's clothing store profits refer to the children's clothing anyway, there is a backlog, so the general situation is: the same batch of goods, high pre-profits, post-profit thin, except for expenses, on average, net profit of about 35%! Children's clothing store purchase channels all over the country basically have children's clothing wholesale market! Children's clothing than baby products, can be commissioned distribution center delivery, because the style quickly replaced, the owners operating children's clothing, must own purchase. Children's clothing store competitive environment because of barriers to entry is low, operating more children's clothing store opponents, but most of the business is very common, only a handful of stores can become the top representative, not the financial constraints, but the special needs of children's clothing stock Judgment, the need for the owner of the style, color, price, consumer psychology, there is a preparation for observation, but also need sharp sales promotion capabilities, so the average owner can not do! If you own the above ability to have the less involved in children's wear industry will have to be more careful! Operating children's clothing store's precautions Product backlog is the most careful children's clothing store issues, many store loss is in the backlog of products, there are many stores do not lose money, but only earned a pile of backlog of goods. Two options: If the local spending power, people have a high degree of brand recognition, and the owner is not proficient in clothing, it is necessary to consider doing a single brand, take the brand authorization line, with the power of manufacturers to open up the market; if the local spending power Ordinary, indifferent to the brand, suitable for a variety of products by the way; but there is a premise in the minds of owners: brand consumption is an inevitable trend! The requirements of the owner: First, a clear understanding of the trend; Second, proficient in product materials; Third, familiar with the local consumer structure; Fourth, timely promotion capabilities Shenzhen Dudu Clothing Co., Ltd. Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen Bao Yuan Road F518 Fashion Creative Park 3 2 layers Tel: Fax: Merchants hotline: 400-60-52099

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