How should the craft gift company continue to develop

January 15, 2020

How should the craft gift company continue to develop Craft gifts are the traditional advantages of our country and are also the key products for the export of light industry.

The sudden drop in exports of craft gifts reflects the status quo in China's manufacturing industry. It is a labor-intensive manufacturing company with low costs, low profits, lack of independent brands, and low technological content. It has no core competitiveness, and once the advantages of low cost are lost, it faces The crisis is not simply a production crisis but a survival crisis.

The export market for craft gifts is too concentrated, and the product development capability is weak. However, the international market for exports is relatively monotonous. It relies heavily on the US and EU markets. Once the relevant policies in Europe and the United States have changed, it is easy to be passive. At the same time, with the high-techization in the international craft gift market, electronic craft gifts integrating sound, light, motion and other functions have become the trend. Products are increasingly developing in the direction of “new” and “odd”, and the products are replaced by new generations. The faster the time comes, the stronger the branding trend and the weakening of traditional craft gifts in the international market.

At present, most of the companies, the old management system has obviously not adapted to the development of the knowledge economy, and the new management system (SOP standard operation process) has not yet been standardized and established, many companies are blindly exploring, and some companies fall into misunderstandings and eventually lead to defeat. .

Although the craft gifts have experienced glory and are currently faced with many difficulties in development, it does not mean that the craft gift industry is a sunset industry. Through hard work, companies can continue to create their own "survive records." Such a record itself is an "infinity" and it will never end. Enterprises continue to create a "survival record" process, called the company's sustainable development.

How can craft gifts continue to grow? Adhering to the direction of innovative R&D, standardized operations and fine management is the only way to improve the sustainable development of craft gift companies.

First, speed up the upgrading of products and improve the quality of export products.

China is a big manufacturing country. If a certain product is sold well, there will be numerous homogenized products appearing overnight. This is especially true for craft gift companies. Many gift companies are in the stage of survival, lack of long-term brand planning, and most of the export products win at low prices. Production-oriented export enterprises should increase investment in technological transformation, speed up product upgrading, strive to improve product quality and added value, reduce the price of low-grade, low-grade, low-grade product exports, expand quality and efficiency, export products with own brands, and increase export products. Comprehensive competitiveness, take the road of differentiation and branding. *** Appreciation may force some companies to upgrade their products and upgrade their export competitiveness in terms of quality and brand. Currently, many products with high value-added and high-tech products are still relatively few. Enterprises should gradually adjust their product structure and integrate resources, vigorously explore the international market, implement a diversified export strategy, and realize output from products to capital output, branding. Output, adjust product structure, improve product quality and grade. Promote the structural transformation of export industries and upgrade of technology, change the growth mode of foreign trade.

The R&D and production of craft gifts must closely revolve around market demands. The products produced must have a market to realize their commercial value. Without a market, there is no reason for the existence of an enterprise. Therefore, market-related information relates to the survival of an enterprise. Using information technology to establish close contact with distributors, retailers and even end consumers to shorten the distance between production and sales to quickly capture market demand changes. The use of information technology to establish such a new relationship between the enterprise and the market is a new area in which the craft gift industry has developed at a rapid rate.

Second, strengthen corporate brand awareness, strengthen the company's independent innovation capabilities, and cultivate core competitiveness.

We must firmly believe that after the difficulties of 2008, the pace of China's crafts and gifts industry going toward stronger in 2009 will not slow down. 2009 will be an important period in which technological gifts will continue to strengthen in independent innovation. Adhere to the concept of innovation and development, deepen the perspective to the structural level, always keep a clear head, comprehensively understand the new situation of development, acutely analyze market demand, innovate in craftsmanship, and strive to reverse the passive situation in which technological gift independent innovation is backward—this is the process The direction of gift development.

Take the road of differentiation, increase core competitiveness, increase the added value of products, comprehensively improve the competitiveness of enterprises, guide enterprises to adopt advanced technologies, improve the level of craft gift design, increase the development of high-tech products, and actively develop high-end independent products. By increasing the gold content of the craft gifts, the proportion of raw materials and labor costs in the product price will be reduced, the competitiveness of the products will be enhanced, and the promotion of the craft gift industry from labor-intensive to technology and capital-intensive will be promoted.

Third, give full play to the role of the government and industry associations, and guide exporters of craft gifts to strengthen the construction of information early-warning systems.

The era of corporate singles and horses has passed, and co-operation is the way out of the new situation. The disorderly competition between enterprises and enterprises in the craft and gift industry has seriously depleted the gift industry’s effective resources. At the same time, this kind of disorderly competition has pulled the company into a vicious circle. In order to survive, everybody will use all kinds of legitimate and unfair methods to join the business warfare, regardless of the spurs of social morality and legal deterrence, and the final outcome. Can only pull the entire gift industry.

Regulate the competitive environment and strengthen industry self-discipline. As the crafts and gifts industry contains a wide range of product categories, lack of counterpart management by industry organizations, disorderly competition among enterprises, and quick success and instant benefit in market promotion. Therefore, for the handicraft and gifts industry, government departments and industry organizations should strengthen management and guidance, strictly suppress malicious plagiarism, and increase support for and protection of innovative enterprises.

Fourth, establish the SOP standard operation process and change the pattern of inefficient labor.

The craft gift industry is a typical labor-intensive industry. The proportion of pure manual operations is large. During the production management process, it is easy to have many bad goods, frequent delivery delays, serious waste, frequent equipment failures, and unmanageable employees. How can problems and mistakes recur repeatedly to prevent the recurrence of similar problems?

Technology gifts Enterprises should strengthen internal management, pay attention to the research of the medium-to-long-term development plan of the company, calmly summarize the development defects of the past few years, and especially shrink the frontline in cross-industry, cross-regional, and other irrational investments in time to revitalize the internal stock. Resources, to enhance the company's cash flow, the limited funds used in new product development, brand cultivation and innovation ability to enhance and enhance enterprise competitiveness. Actively promote lean management, process reengineering, and fully promote the strong management of the enterprise, improve internal strength, reduce costs, and promote efficiency.

The establishment of SOP standard operating procedures will be the best means of regulating enterprise management. SOP is an important part of various standardization management and control. It is the standard operating procedures and requirements of process flow described in a unified format, used to guide and regulate daily work. ?

The SOP standard operating procedure is not a simple operation instruction, but should be a practical operation.

The SOP is an important part of the management specification and is the most basic and effective management tool and technical data for the company.

The managers of craft and gift companies must be sensitive enough to feel the pulse of the market at any time. When the market environment changes, there must be wisdom and courage to dare to abandon the past and embrace the new situation. Every company must change in a timely manner. Operators must first understand the situation of their own company and determine the impact of external factors on the company. How to adjust to not be eliminated? Must examine what stage of development the company is currently in, what kind of difficulties and bottlenecks are it facing? What method should be used to resolve the crisis? After all these things, after making it clear, we must make good plans for improvement and further reforms. We believe that even the most serious problems can be solved and we can continue to participate in market competition and continue to develop.

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