Ancient shark autumn and winter casual wear art and taste of the design inspiration

January 29, 2020

GULAO & SHAYU (ancient shark) is a respected comfort, elegance, fashion concept of dressing, nautical movement advocate entertainment, leisure, and to lead the modern taste of life of well-known clothing brand. Blue sea as the theme of brand apparel style, with art and taste of the design inspiration interpretation of the brand clothing and the beauty of the vast sea. The ancient shark has now become a classic leisure brand with a long cultural heritage. Currently, there are over 800 stores in mainland China. The pursuit of fashion and ancient shark art, leisure and sports the perfect combination of each product is derived from inspiration for the crafted Need for inspiration. Designers will be European and American fashion style integration of China's fashion culture, followed by the international fashion trends, both rich European taste, focusing on the overall color with the local delicate performance, great series and popularity, with simplicity, Elegant, stylish, sports design style, carefully built show in the outside, Hui in the United States and the shape of the personality of the free and easy charm of the image.

Wool Fabric is a type of cloth made with application of animal hair for retaining body heat. It can be used for coat, overcoat, suit, trousers, skirt ect. 

Wool fabric has following features

Wool fabric can keep body warm because wool fibers do not conduct heat

Wool fiber is naturally elastic and capable of stretching. Because of natural crimp, they keep their shape well and have great crease recovery.

Wool fabric is durable, strong and resistant to tear.

Since wool is resilient and elastic, wool fabric tends to drape well.

Wool fiber is water-repellant and absorb moisture.

Wool fabric can be dyed in any color and are colorfast.

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