Terminal experience plastic brand next door girl new image attention market

May 17, 2020

Terminal image of the brand facade

For the retail chain, the terminal is undoubtedly a crucial part. No matter how much the brand invests in other channels, the terminal store experience is the most direct way for consumers to understand the brand. By seeing and touching Got the terminal shops interact with the brand and form a brand image.


"The image of the terminal is not good, not only affect the corporate image, brand image, but also directly affect the product sales." Girl next door fashion brand leader said, "In the women's clothing industry, the terminal image is even more critical because women Consumers are more keen on spending a lot of time shopping, so they have more opportunities to do direct contact with the brand stores and understand the terminal's image and experience a direct impact on their brand's degree of affection.

Enhance the terminal image to promote store performance

The location of the decision of how much traffic, and the terminal image of the decision to enter the level of the store, why? In simple terms, looks good, all the conspicuous things are more likely to attract attention, to win more retention rates, beauty so, as well as stores. Now all kinds of shops blossom everywhere, consumers are more keen to enter those who can seize their visual point of the shops. "If the image of the store did not seize the consumer's visual point, the consumer did not enter the store, even if the quality of the goods no matter how good, the price concessions, promotions to force, there is not much meaning, so the image of the terminal should cause the brand Attaches great importance. "The neighboring girl has always been focused on the sensory experience that shops can bring to consumers and the brand information they pass on, and insists on starting from the brand positioning and constantly innovating to launch a more visually aesthetic terminal experience.

终端体验塑品牌  邻家女孩新形象瞩目上市

Neighborhood girl 5 generation terminal image

At present, the neighboring girl launched a new 5.0 generation terminal image. The new generation of terminal images are based on the simple and elegant European style. The overall theme is fresh and elegant light green, white and rose gold, providing a brand new space experience through reasonable and innovative partition design. In the exhibition, lighting, windows, Props, soft details such as elegant and stylish, warm and comfortable shopping experience, "Each time we upgrade the image of the terminal, can win the industry and many consumers attention and praise, but also for the sale of the store played a certain To promote the role, these are derived from our continuous trial and demonstration in the early stage. "Relevant person in charge of the neighboring girl said.

Indeed, simply rely on the number of sales to achieve sales growth has become an era of the past, the future competition will inevitably shift to a single store performance competition, this time the brand appeal, store location, store image and display of goods Become able to attract consumers into the store the key. Store image update, to a certain extent, affect the performance of a single store, such as McDonald's unified global red door into a black, put on the leather sofa and accessories, the first batch of 6,400 stores in Europe within six months Turnover increased 15%.

Focus on the experiential marketing terminal

终端体验塑品牌  邻家女孩新形象瞩目上市

Neighborhood girl fashion dress 5.0 generation terminal image

In fact, there is still plenty of room for physical stores, but the feature will add more branded experiences and services to the simple sale. Toffler, a U.S. futurologist who predicted the advent of the "Third Wave", predicts that the next step in service economy will be to experience the economy. People will create more and more experience-related economic activities. Merchants will rely on providing experience Service win. "The purpose of the image and display of the end of the clothing store is to create more experience marketing that can win the favor of the consumer under the circumstance of homogenization of the product and service, popularization of the market network and individualization of the purchase demand." The girl next door said For experiential marketing, even a small store can be used as a platform for enhancing consumers' experience of the brand. There is still a lot of need for brand marketers to tap and try.


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