Breakthrough of modified engineering plastics for parts and components

May 20, 2020

Breakthrough of modified engineering plastics for parts and components

Breakthrough of modified engineering plastics for parts and components

According to customs statistics, the decline in China's vehicle exports continued in the first quarter of this year, but parts and exports have shown signs of recovery. In March, exports of engines, parts and other commodities rebounded, and the growth rate was significantly higher than that of the same period. Among them, the engine exported a total of 161,200 units, an increase of 37.55% from the previous month. The export value of auto parts, accessories and body was US$1.048 billion, an increase of 59.92% from the previous month.

The impact of the international financial crisis has led to the shrinking of the auto market in Europe, the United States and Japan. The sales volume of new cars has dropped drastically. Consumers have to extend the time to renew their cars. Therefore, they can only rely on maintenance and replacement parts to maintain, which brings fire to the after-sales zero. Parts market. Some parts and components enterprises in the United States, Europe and other places have been closed down due to the impact of the financial crisis. Some orders will find suppliers in low-cost production areas, and China has become an ideal supplier.

The application of engineering plastics in automobiles continues to expand. The main role of engineering plastics currently used in automobiles is to make cars lighter and lighter, thereby achieving the goal of high fuel economy. In developed countries, the amount of plastics used in automobiles is an important indicator for measuring the level of automobile design and manufacturing. The world's largest single amount of automotive plastics is in Germany, and plastics account for 15% of the total materials. Among them, engineering plastics account for a large proportion, and the performance characteristics of the five engineering plastics are different, and their use in automobiles is also biased.

Nylon is mainly used in automotive engines and engine peripheral components. The main varieties are GFPA6, GFPA66, and reinforced PA6.

(1) Application on peripheral parts of automobile engines. Since the peripheral components of the engine are mainly heat-generating and vibrating components, most of the materials used for the components are glass-reinforced nylon. This is because nylon has a good overall performance. The main properties of nylon modified with glass fiber are greatly improved, such as strength, product precision and dimensional stability. In addition, nylon has many varieties, is easy to recycle and recycle, and the price is relatively cheap. These factors make nylon an ideal choice for engine peripheral components.

(2) Application on automotive engine components. Modified parts such as engine cover, engine cover and cylinder head cover are generally made of modified nylon. Compared with metal materials, the cylinder head cover is reduced in weight by 50% and the cost is reduced by 30%. In addition to engine components, reinforced nylons, such as oil filters, wipers, radiator grills, etc., can also be used for other force components of the car.

Due to its high mechanical properties and good appearance, the modified PC is mainly used for exterior parts and interior parts in automobiles. The most widely used are PC/ABS alloy and PC/PBT alloy.

(1) PC/ABS alloy is the most suitable material for automotive interior parts. This is because the PC/ABS alloy has excellent heat resistance, impact resistance and rigidity, and good processing fluidity. It is also an ideal material for the manufacture of automotive dashboards.

PC/ABS alloys are also used to manufacture automotive parts such as automotive dashboard components, antifreeze panels, door handles, sag panels, brackets, steering column jackets, trim panels, and air conditioning system accessories. PC/ABS alloys can also be used to make automotive exterior parts such as automotive wheel covers, mirror housings, and taillight covers. PC/ABS has good formability and can process large parts of automobiles, such as car fenders.

(2) PC/PBT alloy and PC/PET alloy not only have high heat resistance and high impact of PC, but also have chemical resistance, wear resistance and molding processability of PBT and PET, so it is used to manufacture automotive exterior parts. The ideal material. PC/PBT car bumpers can withstand low temperature impacts below -30 °C. When the bumper breaks, it is ductile fracture without debris. Elastomer toughened PC/PBT alloy and PC/PET alloy are more suitable for making automobile body panels, automobile side guards, fenders, car door frames and so on. Injection molded exterior parts of high heat resistant PC/PBT alloys and PC/PET alloys can be left unpainted. PC/PET alloys can be used to make car vents and license plates.

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