Liu Yan signed urban women heart underwear common interpretation of the inner beauty

May 16, 2020

Liu Yan, a soft and strong name, carrying the name of the woman, as rigid and economic. Liu Yan may not be the star to lead the fashion trend. "Urban woman's heart" - a more connotation of underwear brand . The general underwear brand, only for consumers to pass the surface of the sexy and beautiful, "Urban Women's Heart" brand extends its external meaning to the spiritual level - the inner beauty of women's internal cultivation, call today's urban women pay attention to their own Internal.

May 15, 2013, the urban woman heart "heart sprout" 2013 autumn and winter new conference In Panyu Clifford Hotel grand, Liu Yan sexy to attend and bring urban women's underwear 2013 autumn and winter new products, held a "fall in love with the inner beauty" micro Film Premiere, to bring everyone a heart-stirring fashion lingerie feast!

柳岩签约都市女人心内衣 共同演绎内在美

Liu Yan endorsement urban beauty, promote inner beauty

Liu Yan, a soft and strong name, carrying the name of the woman, as rigid and economic. Liu Yan may not be the star to lead the fashion trend, but she is indeed the "heart of urban women," advocating "inner beauty," the best voice. Once known as the "subject of the Queen," Liu Yan often occupies the entertainment headlines; her outstanding appearance, alert eloquence, dare to say, dare to do, dare show their own. She was open to the media and to the general public with a variety of comments and comments. Indeed, the appearance of the beautiful goddess, another Liu Yan, more is a talented woman who focuses on the inner cultivation. She is happy to accept new attempts to write two micro-films on girlfriends and inner beauty for the Heart of Urban Woman. From the host, singer, actor, to the screenwriter, which character will be the next turn of the stunning it? I believe Liu Yan future direction of development, and "urban woman heart" brand development, are worth the wait!

柳岩签约都市女人心内衣 共同演绎内在美

2013 new autumn and winter, sexy pressing

The whole series of elegant fashion wind blowing, colorful and bright, close and comfortable fabrics, vivid gorgeous interpretation, not only sexy underwear, delicate personal warm clothing, but also modern and comfortable home service, models will be young Passionate and mature and mature beauty of the perfect fusion of beauty, carefully crafted today's urban women from the inside out of the ultimate beauty. Brand spokesperson Liu Yan interpretation of the fashion show in person to make the scene more passionate, vibrant, the conference site more than a thousand guest guests, boiling.

柳岩签约都市女人心内衣 共同演绎内在美

Microfilm premiere, Liu Yan as screenwriter

The premiere of "Urban Woman Heart" brand micro-movie is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the event day. "Girlfriends", "in love with the inner beauty," two micro-movie story ideas around the core concept of the brand, and by the brand spokesperson Liu Yan screenwriter. Liu Yan uses tenderness and delicate emotions to show the urban women's fashion beauty, intelligence, positiveness, kindness and tenderness through the stories that come slowly.

"Urban Woman's Heart" will be two micro-film subtly penetrate the four chapters of the brand fashion show, is the perfect combination of brand spirit and creative ideas. The event was not only the premiere of lingerie show and micro-film, but also the first intimate contact with Liu Yan, her vivid portrayal of the urban women, who are women with inherent cultivation, Good, kind, gentle, filial piety, positive, they pay attention to personal image, but not drift, they are rich in emotion, but not artificial, every woman in this elegant and elegant fashion show to see their own shadow, the success will be "In love with the inner beauty" presented in a chic way in front of the audience.

Charity auction, concerned about the love of left-behind children plan

The dissemination of "inner woman's heart" brand to "inner beauty" not only through product design, not only through the spokesperson's image but also with the corporate social role. Urban Women's Heart International Group has been dedicated to supporting social welfare undertakings for many years. During this time, we selected "left-behind children" as the subject matter and the Group also gave a high degree of recognition and support. In the meantime, , The Women and Children's Federation launched a charity auction called "Initiating Inner Beauty" on the Internet. The proceeds will be donated under the brand names and Liu Yan to the left-behind children who have dropped out of school in Lutian, Conghua, so that they can go smoothly finish education. Through the activities, we also call everyone care for left-behind children, so that their childhood more warm, no longer desolate.

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