Miss Yuan Siyi with the experience of A Jenny brand women to give a sense of happiness

May 20, 2020

A Jenny brand women invited Miss Yuan Siyi as "A Jenny," the brand image of the spokesman, her fresh, beautiful, sunshine, love and goodwill, body beauty and temperament beauty in her body has been fully demonstrated her super-affinity and perfect stage Image to people left a deep impression. Is very consistent with "A Jenny" brand of corporate culture.

阿珍妮 - AJENI

Miss Yuan Siyi fresh temperament to take you to experience the cool summer, who said that summer is only hot, who said that summer are not cool how to wear, then you're wrong, a chiffon blue fresh wave installed, Let your summer worry about the hot weather, cake skirt design, strengthen the sense of hierarchy, the breeze blowing will be floating in the wind, the perfect Puff Sleeve even more gentle and lovely women, have it summer you use trouble it.


Some girls like the summer, some do not like the summer, like summer girls are good, can show her perfect body, do not like the summer girl, usually are not confident, the summer is the realistic figure of the season, so that those who do not Confident girls feel comfortable, the girls do not be discouraged, you can also wear the United States and the United States skirt out shopping, you can also be a lady, you can also be very sexy, light blue vest dress small fresh, lace highlight the mysterious sexy, Department bags, go out boldly. You will get your not-to-be-praised, retrieve your due confidence.

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