Soth fashion women's classic design from France

October 04, 2019

From the classic French design, Sotheby's Thoth's pure women's international thoth, created in the childhood of Wien Vienna's memory of Parisian fashion elements, is based on the promotion of operations in Greater China (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) Oriental design of the second form by the Guangzhou Soth Clothing Co., Ltd. implementation.


thoth is actually about a violinist, wandering legend he's like a flowing note wandering this romantic legendary land in Europe, from his home town of Kindorf (Hartberg, near Hartberg, Austria) to Wien Vienna from Hannover Hanover to Genova Genoa, until 1961 encounter love Paris, Paris, the formation of the thoth brand has the pursuit of the music melody beauty clothing.

What is oil resistant gloves?
Oil-resistant gloves for petrochemical and petroleum refining work. Suitable for oily environment with high mechanical risk

Oil Resistant Gloves Features:
1 with a high degree of flexibility and sensitivity;
There are cotton padding to increase comfort;
3. Increased glove hardness to increase its resistance to chemicals and abrasion.
Scope of application:
Petrochemical and petroleum refining - Processing of oils, acids, caustics and solvents.
Due to the diversity of chemicals encountered, preventing injuries is a particularly complex issue
Acids, disinfectants, hydrocarbons, solvents, oils, lipids and acetates have different chemical properties
The features you need to prevent injuries to such a diverse product are also different. Therefore, there is no universal gloves.
Each material has different characteristics, depending on the type of chemical that the gloves are in contact with.

Oil Resistant Gloves

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