Put on DEVIL NUT [Fortune God image] to the boss to discharge red packets go!

July 10, 2021

DEVIL NUT for your help! Put on DEVIL NUT [God of wealth image] to sell Meng go!

Is the Chinese New Year's Day just a few steps away? How long will it be to welcome the God of Wealth? !

Are you now looking for helplessly counting the balance remaining in your bank account, and from time to time, you send your boss a red envelope to calculate how to use the year-end bonus to enjoy the hard-won long holiday in one year?

then! How to make the owner consciously, voluntarily, and automatically seal a 2cm thick red envelope for you , and it has become the "extraordinary function" that everyone can't wait to learn!

DEVIL NUT for your help! Put on DEVIL NUT [God of wealth image] to sell Meng go!

The completely original “horizontal god of wealth” image, with thousands of designs, hints at contemporary “catch money” social ideological trends.

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