1727 brand women's down jacket so that you wear a slender feel

July 09, 2021

In the cold winter weather, many MM are worried about how to keep warm and stylish. Clothes not only beautiful but also practical, cold people will wear a thick and puffed down jacket, this jacket is very warm, but many girls wear swollen must not like! Let us look at the fashion How can people up to wear, can this ordinary people can not be called a stylish single product piercing a taste of it? Whether it is the selection of their own style down jacket, tailoring, color and the overall mix, so that we can wear the same warm winter whirring a beautiful.


Stand-up short paragraph down jacket, waist A shape. Sleeve for the three-dimensional sleeve, and use PU leather filling velvet. Waist decorative leather 袢. With a beautiful knitted suit or with a strong upper and lower body, stylish and stylish body at the same time without losing the feminine.

1727品牌女装羽绒服 让你穿出纤瘦感

In the long paragraph down jacket, waist waist fit, collar using wool fabric stitching. Body with leather stitching as a major design point. The collar with raccoon tops as decorative with bright sweaters and slim fit jeans, both stylish and casual.

1727品牌女装羽绒服 让你穿出纤瘦感

Long hooded down jacket, placket and brim with ramie tops as decoration, both warm and beautiful. Style for the waist, the whole looks very strong sense of quality. Lining material using check printing, in contrast with the body. With the waist dress or on the dress, in the winter is warm and noble atmosphere.

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