Love Curtains fashion elegant and comfortable

July 20, 2019

Want to know love screen underwear? Want to buy stylish elegance, sophisticated and comfortable love brand underwear ? New Year's Day ahead of the "price", love Daren recommended for you is a favorite mall in love to buy large network of popular love control lace bra, Products: This series uses soft and delicate imitation Levi's lace material, lace fine, lines Clear, soft and transparent, the color selection of the classic pop color, soft pink and delicate, elegant purple, black sexy mature, style and design emphasis on light and compact, ribbon bow decorative details more charming, expressive young, sexy and cute, mature and perfect combination . Let you unable to stop, round your mind a sexy propriety princess dream!

爱幕内衣 时尚高雅精致舒适

The above is the "love curtain underwear," the introduction, let's look at the little knowledge of underwear: how to wash the winter warm underwear but also to keep warm function diminished? With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's dress is getting higher and higher levels, for high-grade clothing washing and maintenance are more and more stress. A very expensive piece of clothing, if you just wash it "beyond recognition", is really a pity. If you have some scientific laundry methods, you can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble, but also make your clothes as new and beautiful. Special lotion: generally used for washing underwear, underwear and baby's clothing, washing effect is good, high quality. The price is the most expensive of its kind. Selected cleaning supplies: softener, at present, the various softeners on the market mainly from the supple, to static electricity and improve comfort. Winter easy to play static electricity, cheap fabric softener just come in handy.

爱幕内衣 时尚高雅精致舒适

On the "love curtain underwear" have a certain understanding, the last to bring you a little knowledge of skin care Oh do not miss: Beauty Beauty Moisturizing Skin Lotion Moisturizer - Apple. Apple is a good helper for healthy weight loss, as much as possible with skin food, 2 to 3 days a day, especially apple peel is rich in dietary fiber. Apples can effectively prevent skin aging, dry, and can solve the common skin problems such as itching molting. For dry skin, you can peel an apple smashed, add a teaspoon of honey, plus a little ordinary cream, deposited in a clean face, wash with warm water after 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water , And then apply a cream for your own, so that the facial skin will be soft and tender.