LGTaste Ai Lai fashion women's brand high prices

July 04, 2020

"Brand" can not help but think of the price, in the era of "brand" in the hearts of people, the concept of brand = high price is also affecting people's shopping ideas. In response to this, Ai Lecure fashion women in the opposite direction, the implementation of fast fashion sales model, adhere to the parity, so that the brand will no longer be synonymous with profits, so that the brand ≠ high prices.

Hong Kong-based fashion women's clothing - Ai Le Lepin focuses on 22-36-year-old women with ideals, ideas, and vitality. Ai Le Le Pin starts with Chinese women's aesthetic standards and incorporates fashion elements in women's wear design. , In the classic heritage of young women on the interpretation of the quality of life in the pursuit of fashion.

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