Babymary Baby Mary summer new to create a different kind of modern fashion

July 08, 2020

Fashion, intellectual, casual, slightly romantic casual temperament, has become a pioneer in fashion, fashion apparel culture, a new model of fashion personality chasing a new paradigm of clothing culture; BABY MARY capture European and South Korean fashion avant-garde elements of artistic director Juge Mr. Beyond the conventional design talents, the quarterly works will be pushed to the trend of cutting-edge, constantly set off the industry's response, to create a consumer never stop surprise.

宝贝玛丽 - BABY MARY

Stitching wind is still hot in this summer, the baby Mary will be splicing wind used in this long game. Deep purple-blue dress in the chest and splicing a touch of white, so that the color suddenly become enriched. High split skirt highlights the uninhibited young attitude.

babymary宝贝玛丽夏日新品 打造别样的摩登时尚

Well-sleeved shirt because of the hollow lace to join, in the sweet but also a little more sexy. Simple but see the designer's uniqueness. With vertical stripes hot pants, to create the most stylish summer high street LOOK.

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